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41 Here Is No Why Here Is No Why

I can't believe this is so low on the list. I personally thing this is their best song.

Best song no doubt. Sitting in between Jellybelly and Zero on the album, it seems to be missed by many. If was given a chance, would be loved by everyone. Try this song. You're still looking for a reason

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42 Whir Whir
43 Cupid de Locke Cupid de Locke

A truly beautiful song. Too low

44 The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning

Hands down, much better than THE END IS THE BEGINNING IS THE END. Love, love, love this song so much! It just has this cool vibe to it that makes you feel BADASS.

Love This Since I Watch Watchmen Hands Down Top Smashing Pumpkins Song Best Lyrics with rocking beat, deserves the first position

Is One Of My Favorite Smashing Pumpkins Song After I Watched Watchmen

What?! Not #1?! What are you guys listening to?

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45 Snail Snail

How is Snail not even on this list? The last minute of that song is true awesomeness.

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46 Clones (We're All) Clones (We're All)
47 Set the Ray to Jerry Set the Ray to Jerry V 2 Comments
48 Pissant Pissant

One of the Smashing Pumpkins heavier songs, really good 90's grunge

49 Farewell and Goodnight Farewell and Goodnight
50 For Martha For Martha

A sad, yet beautiful, song of a tragic story. This should at least be one of the top ten. Seriously.

51 Eye Eye

An amazing transition into electronic music for the band.

Wow. Guess just nobody's heard it.

Can't even believe this isn't #1. By far their best song

Them at their best

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52 Jellybelly Jellybelly

Definitely one of the best songs on the first disk (or side two, for those lucky souls with the original vinyl. 'Jellybelly' hits hard with it's unmistakable intro and subsequent feeding into one of the best riffs that Corgan and Iha ever churned out. Chamberlin's drumming is completely on point, too, as well as D'Arcy's bassline providing great texture and adding to the almost-chaotic charisma this track carries.

Also, some of Billy's most clever lines are housed here. Overall, a track I would indeed highly recommend to any listener, whether new or familiar, out of SP's extensive catalog.

This is the best SP song of all time. It's the perfect blend of catchy and heavy. Billy originally intended for Jellybellyto be the first single from Mellon Collie but changed his mind at the last minute. Great song!

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53 Panopticon Panopticon

One of the best off the new album! Great riff - wolphert

54 Beautiful Beautiful
55 Speed Kills Speed Kills
56 Blue Skies Bring Tears Blue Skies Bring Tears
57 I of the Mourning I of the Mourning
58 Spaceboy Spaceboy

The general emotion in this track is what takes the cake, deserves to be in the 20's at least.

59 Try Try Try Try Try Try

One of my favourite SP song

60 The Celestials The Celestials

I can't believe that the celestials has the number 46! This song should be like number 3! I can't believe this song is rated so low!

Best song off of the new album. Refreshingly reminds us of the old Pumpkins.

Awesome song with great strings in the first part :-)

Definitely, this shouldn't be down here

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