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61 Spaceboy

The general emotion in this track is what takes the cake, deserves to be in the 20's at least.

62 Blue Skies Bring Tears
63 I of the Mourning
64 Glynis
65 United States
66 Crestfallen
67 Bleed

What?! 90.,seriously? Absolutely the best song by The Smashing Pumpkins!

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68 Blank Page
69 To Sheila
70 7 Shades of Black
71 Pale Horse
72 The Imploding Voice
73 Appels + Oranjes

So good and emotional, love it when the e-bow and echoing guitars kick in halfway the song. One of their best on Adore.

74 La Dolly Vita
75 Hello Kitty Kat
76 Snap
77 There It Goes
78 Heavy Metal Machine
79 That's the Way (My Love Is)
80 Quasar

Cherub Rock meets Gish in 2013. It's what the Pumpkins were all about. The absolute key track on Oceania. Such great riffs, only the vocals are a bit of a let down. Drums are not bad, but one can't imagine how awesome it would have sounded with Jimmy Chamberlin.

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