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81 Crush
82 Tales of a Scorched Earth

Wut? No one has added this song to this list yet? How can this be? THis is like the Pumpkins' most hardcore song ever. Silly foolish people not voting for the most hardcore Pumpkins song ever.

83 Oceania

The best song that The Smashing Pumpkins have released in years, their new album is nothing short of amazing and this epic song just oozes classic Pumpkins. Should definitely be top 10 but at least on this list.

84 Where Boys Fear to Tread
85 Bring the Light

This is a good song, not the best, but it needs to be higher.

86 Daydream
87 Violet Rays

Best song of the new album in my opinion.

Awesome some. I have loved pumpkins since the 90s, and this was a nice surprise

88 Pennies

Sad to see this song so low on this list, probably because of its non-album/non-single release. It's a brilliant piece of Beatlesque psychedelia, and a must hear for anyone who appreciates the softer songs of Smashing Pumpkins

89 Daphne Descends

I can't believe this wasn't on the list! This song is a masterpiece, one of their best songs

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90 The Chimera

One of the best songs out there!

91 Once Upon a Time

One of those songs that the more you listen to it the more you appreciate its layers. I need to say that at one point in my life many of these songs could be number one on my list of smashing pumpkins songs. Currently this one takes the cake. It's really worth a listen.

My absolute favorite Smashing Pumpkins song. This is from Adore, their most underrated album by far. I absolutely LOVE this album and this song. I love that SP can rock out hard and play soft melodies. They are truly talented. - evoxpisces

92 Untitled

Has no one heard this song? Not a typical Pumpkins song, but this has to be their most beautiful song, along with rhinoceros. An AMAZING solo in the end, which for me is a classic example of a mixolydian melody. The guitar literally weeps and wails, and the drums, as usual, are amazing.

93 Glass and the Ghost Children
94 White Spyder
95 With Every Light
96 Tiberius

Definitely the best from MTAE. Strangely beautiful and very catchy - Onafriday

97 My Love is Winter
98 Tarantula

I had to ADD THIS SONG! There is no possible way this song isn't even on the list! Hands down one of my favorite Smashing Pumpkins songs, and it's off of the critically-acclaimed Zeitgeist album. Just. Listen. To. It. - SunfireCobra

99 Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

I can not even begin to believe that this absolutely beautiful song is rated last on this list...

I voted for it yet it says 0% of people voted it... This thing is rigged.

Very first song I learned on the piano. It is arguably one of the best instrumentals of all time in my opinion. Great introduction to a massive album!

This is the song that made me love music.

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100 Bodies

Bodies is a close second for me. Jimmy just drives this song from start to finish in the way that only he can.

Who rates these songs? This song should be top 5 at least

Honestly, I prefer "Bullets...", but I voted for "Bodies" because it was too good to be this low!

Hard to decide a favorite...but I had to vote for Bodies; it deserves much better than 39th. It's not a single, so it's really just a hidden gem for all the real fans.

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