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101 Without You
102 Quiet

That incredible solo! That riff! The screaming vocals live! It made me pick up the guitar back in the days and made me a definite Pumpkins fan. One of their best, albeit on their out-of-this world album Siamese Dream, it ain't easy to call it their absolute best. If you love this, check out the Vieuphoria live video on YouTube of Quiet!

You gotta love that bass. Best Pumpkins song ever!

103 Eye

An amazing transition into electronic music for the band.

Wow. Guess just nobody's heard it.

Can't even believe this isn't #1. By far their best song

Them at their best

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104 Let Me Give the World to You
105 I Need You Around
106 We Only Come Out at Night

Probably my second favorite track off Melancholy, right behind 1979 - mtndewlord

Not the best, but it should at least break the top 50

107 Jupiter's Lament
108 Bleeding the Orchid
109 Soot and Stars

Very underrated song, but anyone in the know, knows this song is glorious.

Doesn't get better than this.

110 The Tale of Dusty and Pistol Pete

This is a very underrated song on a very underrated album, "Adore", but this is one of the best songs on that record. Excellent singing, melodies, and overall feels. It goes from sad to reflective to glad in a matter of seconds.

111 Window Paine V 1 Comment
112 Pug

Great song from a very underrated album

113 Slow Dawn
114 Wound
115 Annie Dog

My personal favourite. The abstract lyricism and the beautiful chords in this song add up to absolute perfection in my eyes. If you haven't heard it yet, check it out

116 Rock On
117 Drum + Fife V 1 Comment
118 Stumbleine
119 One Diamond, One Heart
120 Under Your Spell
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