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101 Smoke

Makes me disturbed breathing I hate that because always anywhere are people smoke its not good not good that must throwing

I hate smoke smells not good
Pollution smoke in los angeles
Pollution smoke in China and india
Too much exhaust traffic vehicles - SpencerJC

102 Soap

It's addicting I can get high on soap lmfao - Grisleanlikeduh21

Whenever I smell a fresh bar of soap, it makes me want to eat it.

103 Rubber Cement

Sometimes I wonder if people make cement perfumes. So that I do not have to go to my storage room every time I feel like the smell.

104 Peanut Butter

This should be the nu. 1 most known smell people! Gosh!

105 Pesto Sauce
106 Air Freshener

Takes the smell of poop away, I really enjoy wanking into a room that doesn't smell like nastiness.

The smell was so refreshing its etchted in my mind, can't find it anywhere! The big old yellow face..

107 Winter Mountain Air

There is nothing more refreshing than waking up from camping in the mountains to this smell.

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108 Fresh, Outdoor-dried Laundry
109 Ozone

Ozone reminds me of a summer rain. I use a powerful ozone machine in my cleaning business to neutralize foul odors, only in empty houses though.

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110 Honey

How is this not on the list already? It's so warming and reassuring, especially on hot porridge.

It reminds me of sugar but also natural things

111 Play-doh

This brand of play dough (yellow pot coloured lid) nostalgia in a pot love the smell its incredible

I think it smells really nice

112 Gasoline

I'm really shocked this isn't high on the list, and that I had to add it on!

Probably one of my favorites

No idea why, but I LOVE the smell!

Amazing scent - lovefrombadlands

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113 New Leather

It reminds me there is a life worth living! This should be on the front page of contenders now!

That smell when you walk into a shop selling exclusively leather items. Love it.

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114 Fresh Ass

What the hell, who put this on the list.



Excuse me,freash ass,um I don't think that is one of the best smells.

115 Melted Cheese V 1 Comment
116 Crayons V 2 Comments
117 Toasted Sesame Oil
118 Syrup
119 Airport
120 Strawberries Strawberries
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