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121 Mosquito Repellent

Reminds me of camping every time.

122 Citronella

Smell that goes through your nostril to comforting
Your soul.

123 Fluffy Cats

Fluffy cats. That is all.

124 Napthalene Balls

Awesome it has the most pleasant smell ever!

125 Body Odor

I love the smell of fresh khanjan and priyam in the morning, it really turns me on

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126 Clubman Talc

Greatest smell for a youngster wanting to smell like dad. Going to the barber (for little men only) to get that summer crew cut ended with
Clubman talc powered around the neck then wisked with a man's brush that felt like velvet. I felt like a king and smelled like him as well.

127 Honey

How is this not on the list already? It's so warming and reassuring, especially on hot porridge.

It reminds me of sugar but also natural things

128 Feces

I bather and swim in my own feces and I love the smell of freshly baked feces in the morning, and the warm wet texture over my skin

129 Dirt
130 Saw Dust
131 Gasoline

I'm really shocked this isn't high on the list, and that I had to add it on!

Probably one of my favorites

Amazing. I love this smell

Uh... Go to number 1.

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132 Doughnuts

The rich glaze and the cream,the soft light dough,along with warm Starbucks,dunkin something's,or Krispy Kreame. Everyone honestly loves them no matter how much time you deny it.

133 Sunscreen

Banana Boat and Hawaiian Tropical sunscreen smells fantastic.

I added "Sunsc" because I clicked "add new item too early by accident. Remove it. Anyways what can get better than the smell of preparing for Summer fun?

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134 Taint

You mean taintED. Also, what do you want to be tainted?

135 Hot Milk

Nothing smells better than a scorching hot cup of milk in the middle of the night! sigh.

136 Strawberries Strawberries
137 Hay

Lovely. - Britgirl

138 The Smell at a Farriers / Blacksmiths

Mm burning hoof, bit of a weird one but it links massively with happy childhood memories. By the way it smells just like burning hair

139 Manure

I seem to be the only one who likes this smell! It reminds me of country life!

Mm manure tastes so good


140 Sweat

Oh my God, NOT IN A MILLION YEARS! It smell like strong glue. Still, it's cheaper than paying money out for a tube just to go in some dark corner just to sniff it. - Britgirl

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