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41 Pretty Girls Make Graves

My favorite by far! This definitely should be in the top 10!

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42 Rubber Ring

Fascinating song, I am surprised it hasn't already been mentioned definitely needs to be in the top 10

One of my favorites. Everybody's clever nowadays

43 Sweet and Tender Hooligan

This is an incredibly driven song which deserves classic status; sometimes it's my all-time favourite song.

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44 I Want the One I Can't Have

Love this song can't believe it's this low.

45 Girl Afraid

My absolute favorite. I just love it.

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46 These Things Take Time

So underrated. "the hills are alive with celibate cries"

47 Suffer Little Children

A beautiful, soft song.

Every time ihear this masterpiece it moves me to tears. mike luke

48 Vicar In a Tutu

The nod to rockabilly is spot on. Come on! 57? Witty lyrics, catchy as hell, this is definitely a top ten Smiths song!

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49 Well I Wonder

Can't believe this isn't on this list! Amazing song and amazing band

This is unbelievable. 53? This is one of the best songs I've ever heard. Period.

Beautiful song, one of the prettier sounding ones

Many characteristics to this song make it very emotional. The melody is subtly vibrant and melancholically beautiful, the bass being very prominent and unforgetful; Johnny Marr’s guitar playing is just as complex but unpretentious as any other song and Morriseys lyrics are poignant and short, yet nevertheless they are not direct. They aren’t vague, but poetically written to conjure relatable feelings of unrequited love. The song is written with a troubled perspective for troubled people. - ElNano7

50 Unhappy Birthday

Probably the wittiest Morrissey has ever been. Every year I smile and tingle at the thought of sending this to that special someone because, as above, it is about much much more than a birthday, it's about every other day of the year.

So underrated, honestly. It's about more than just a birthday, people!

This song always brings out my pettiness

51 You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby

One of their lesser known tracks, but god it's good. Fantastic title, and the riff is one of Marr's all time best.

This is brandon flowers favorite

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52 Sheila Take a Bow

How is this not in the top 50 Smith's songs, should be in top 5!

53 Never Had No One Ever
54 Barbarism Begins at Home

This song is a masterpiece! Why is it so low!?

35... What is this easily the best guitar line from johnny and te words are spectacular. Definitely the most underrated smiths song

Riff sounds like holy diver. Goes on a little too long in my opinion.

A masterclass in all forms of dance guitar

55 Shakespeare's Sister

So good a group named themselves after this mini classic.

56 Miserable Lie
57 Golden Lights
58 Death at One's Elbow
59 I Won't Share You
60 I Keep Mine Hidden
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