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21 The Ditto - Movie Trailer

It's so unrealistic, but I think that's what makes it hilarious.

22 How to Be a Cop

I love this one! The cop says Bull****! Then shoots the guy its one of the funniest things I have ever seen ever!

23 Mime Fail

Talking on the phone
(Says nothing)- hello?
MIME FAIL laugh out loud!

24 Taylor Swift Dumped Me

It's so darn funny! - ancbiftpomlacnc

25 Molester Moon

My first ever smosh episode

26 I Killed The Tooth Fairy

My first ever smosh video and always my favorite!

27 Smosh-Libs

Anthony woke up covered in Corn... Ratchet Cop... Slammed the door on his Fallopian Tube...

28 Stop Copying Me!!
29 The Legend of Zelda Rap

Come on this is there best video by far - winfreyb

30 Carpticles: Fruit Battle
31 Boxman
32 We're in Super Mario

If I were playing Super Mario in real life, I wild probably be Ian. - puppylover

33 Google Glass Sucks
34 How to Survive a Burglary

Best rver

35 Ultimate Assassin's Creed 3 Rap

This song is so catchy one of my favorite smash videos

Come, ON! This is the best video they ever did! - higgsboson2142

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36 Batman's A Bitch
37 Google Shenanigans
38 Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig 3
39 Boxman's Christmas
40 Smosh Short 2: Stranded
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