Best SMOSH GameBang Characters

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1 Lasercorn

Lasercorn is the best

2 Sohinki

The main thing that is pissing me off right now is that sohinki joven and lasercorn star in more than half the shows now, even game time with Smosh, now every Wednesday I get nervous because I want Ian and Anthony to be in it but there is a chance that it's just gonna be sohinki joven and laser corn again, the only thing I will say to them about this is F*CK OFF and go back to your own shows and let the 2 guys we actually like be in their show. Game time with Smosh games is so unfunny. These guys just aren't funny I think laser corn is the worst to watch because of his horrible jokes

3 Anthony

Anthony is the best

4 Mari
5 Ian
6 Jovenshire

I know joven has a lot of haters, but come on! He is one of the funniest casts in the crew. He always yells and rages cause it's his own "Thing", he's bad at games cause it's his running joke as the guy who rages and loses. Hense #Jovenrage

This guy sucks, and he sucks at video games, this guy play video games is the equivalent of playing video games with your parents, why couldn't they have just gotten someone who's actually good at video games

I don't like Sohinki Joven or Lasercorn, for different reasons, lasercorn tries WAY too hard to be funny, mari Ian and Anthony are just naturally funny, lasercorn's jokes are some of the worst I've ever heard, they're all about balls now and it's really not funny, Sohinki is just a sore loser and cheater, he always gets mad whenever he loses a gamebang and he doesn't even try to make jokes or anything, he takes everything to seriously when it's meant to be ridiculous and funny. Overall he doesn't look like someone you would want to play video games with. Joven is the worst of the 3, the main reason is that he sucks at video games, seriously, watch him in any of the shows, he's terrible at them. Joven doesn't deserve to call himself a gamer, he loses almost all the time, and when he dies in the game he always makes a stupid screeching sound or annoying laugh thinking its funny, well it's not. I don't like any of these 3 and I wish they would go away and stop hogging all the shows Smosh ...more

7 Wes

Wes and Flitz need to leave, if it wasn't for them being part of the channel then every week Ian and Anthony would be on game bang, but NO, now that Wes and flitz are part of the channel, they get to replace ian and Anthony, and without Ian and Anthony Game Bang is REALLY unfunny and unentertaining, Lasercorn, Sohinki, Joven, Wes and Flitz Suck, they all need to get off this channel and Ian Anthony and Mari should be the only ones on the channel, these guys are just dicks, Ian and Anthony created the channel and invited them to be a part of it and now they're just kicking ian and Anthony off their own channel, it doesn't even deserve to be called Smosh Games anymore, now the appropriate title for the channel is, Annoying Unfunny Dumbasses play video games.

8 Flitz
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