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21 K-Swiss

Long lasting. Most comfortable. Simply stylish.

Kswiss, simplicity is beauty. Durable & comfortable, enough said!

Been wering swiss for over 20 years,and I'ii have to say that they're the best shoe I've worn. They're long lasting good looking and reasonably priced. They say you get what you pay for,and you certinaly do with swiss. LOVE EM!

22 Under Armour

I love Under Armour shoes I prefer them better then Nike there quality is great and they are super comfortable and stylish and its worth the price and they last a pretty long time and are good for any type of sports and fashion

Should definitely be in top 5 one of the the most famous brands on earth

Stephen Curry shoes are the best basketball sneakers

2nd best after adidas should not be number 26

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23 Power Force
24 Avalanche V 1 Comment
25 Saucony

Great work shoes for those of us who stand on cement floors...

Comfortable and the fit is nice well worth the money

Great shoes when you're on your feet all day.

Great running shoes!

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26 Yeezy

I'm sorry but whoever didn't vote for this has gone full retard

This should be number 1

They are amazing

Best shoes Very stylish Very Expensive

27 Brooks

So comfortable and can't wear them out after 4 years.

The best quality and comfort of all brands.

28 Dr Scholl's

most comfortable shoes, don't buy any other kind now

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29 Diesel

My friend says they are the most comfortable shoes he has ever had. I want to get a pair so badly. They look so nice. Why weren't they on the list before I put them on

I don't own a pair but my friend does and he says there the most comfortable shoes

30 Creative Recreation V 1 Comment
31 KruZin Footwear

So stylish and unique and super comfortable! I'm up my feet all day at work but these Kruzin are so light and comfortable! I feel like I'm walking on a cloud!

Fashionable. People always comment. Comfort is great as well. Stylish and comfy all-around shoe.

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32 Skechers

They may be a put down brand, but their memory foam shoes are heaven yet stylish

I have 3 pairs shoes of this brand for most than 3 years, daily use over hard sand and they are almost as new. Price was around US$40.00 in Amazon.

33 Osiris

Terrible shoes! Very expensive and fall apart in a few wears... my experience comes from several pairs falling apart.

34 Mizuno
35 Adio
36 Superga

They look so good, you can wear them with almost everything, cause they are simple and look fantastic no matter what they go with.

37 Keds

The classic champions

Keds are good

38 310 Motoring
39 American Eagle
40 Geox V 1 Comment
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