Top Ten Best Sniper/Assault Rifles

Best Sniper Rifles that in a few moves can be turned into an assault rifle? Find Out Here!

The Top Ten

1 AK-47 Scoped/Enhanced Silencer

I have A. AK purchased in 83, Chinese markings. Not a scratch on the stock, w/ pigsticker. Less then 50 rounds through her. I've been offered a lot for it. Thank you but I happy having it.

Best rifle ever made

Awesome gun

2 Mk-14 Designated Marksman

Looks like my old M1A. My M1A was pretty accurate and still packed a punch down range. It fills a sweet spot between the M16 and a scoped bolt action.
Every squad should have one.

I simply Love the mk14 because its two guns in one it's a assault rifle and a sniper rifle put wanted sights and sniper scope

Acurate, reliable, great round with stopping power, not the best mag capasity but then again its a sniper weapon so yeah mk 14 for the win

3 Cheytac M200 Intervention

The Intervention must be considered on any sniper rifle list.
Can accurately hit a target from almost 2000. Meters away
Have a good read on the intervention before you purchase your next sniper

4 M4A1 Scoped

I own one and shoot from 120 to 300 rounds every week. Finest weapon I have ever owned. Dead-accurate right out of the box and very easy sight adjustments if you need. Negligible recoil and will shoot the cheaper.223 round but is chambered for Nato 5.56 ammunition. My wife even shoots 2 inch patterns with iron sights at 50 yards. Amazing weapon. Can be field stripped in minutes and cleaned quickly. HIGHLY recommend this weapon to all!

Used by tons of militarism around the world including the United States

Great rifle with a short barrel for urban combat and the 5.56x45mm round can knock a guy down with 1 round and the light round is very accurate.

5 HK416 Enhanced Marksman

When you have tried the best Then welcome to the best!

Works perfectly

It is a pure gun.

I like it

6 M16 Designated Marksman

It is good for urban fighting. Less recoil great accuracy easy to use. And it can surely kill a target in a single bullet

7 CM-901 Scoped
8 G36 Designated Marksman
9 AK-47 Scoped
10 FN SCAR Enhanced Scope

Special ops Command Assault Rifle... Enough said... People can smack targets out to 1000 yards fairly easy with they scar 17.

FN SCAR is the most accurite dependable semi-auto rifle on the list

The Contenders

11 Aug A3 Enhanced

It has good range, in warfare these days a reliable cheap AK is not what you want. Wars these days are more tactical so a long range customisable rifle with stopping power (usually to fight terrorists dug in behind rocks) is better than hoping the bullets can reach the end of a street before you know you have ran out of ammo.

To be honest, I believe that the AUG itself was the highest Excellency of almost any rifle (besides the 50 caliber bullpup, the best rifle on earth).

Wödklasse! Best Weapon in his Class!


Very good rifle the British used it In the Falklands war it was called the SLR and semi auto. The Argentine troops had full auto version and I heard that the British picked them up and used them but they couldn't have just swapped a semi for full auto without getting in a trouble

Better for sniping than combat

This weapon has seen more combat than the m14 and others of this class ask thesouth African therodesian seleous scouts other countries in the European theather used so did Australia

13 Remington 700
14 Noreen Bad News

Bad ass

15 HK417

Definitely this and the SCAR-H are the best for me.

16 Mosin-Nagant Scoped

7.62 by 54 Round has a strong punch. This is the grand daddy of all sniper rifles in service now for over 100 years. A reliable tool in skilled hands.

17 SR-25

Best rifle hands down.

18 Accuracy International L96
19 Dragunov
20 Benelli R1

A very accurate rifle

21 Barrett M82
22 MK11 Scoped
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