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41 xm2010

The replacement for the m24 SWS
If it shoots the mk248 mod 0 or mk 248 mod 1.300 Winchester magnum that was ordered for the us military to be used with this rifle, it is said to reach 1370m/1500 yards

Its maximum effective range is certainly proved to be better then 1200m - 13thmistral

42 Scoped Lee-Enfield Rifle
43 Barrett M99

Single shot chamber (meaning higher psi rates in the barrel),. 50 caliber with a 50 BMG. Anti-Material Rifle. - Awweccshon

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44 Zastava M93 Black Arrow

Very good rifle, good build & material, good price. And spec forse of Serbia is using

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46 PGM H├ęcate II

Just because it's in SAO2

Its got just as much power as your.50 bmg. And is light and accurate

One of the GIGN weapons.

It's a very huge and effective gun on distance of 1-1,5km.
If the US-Army use this sniper, than I thought the Hecate 2 is more popular - DerKabel

47 .300 Remington Ultra Magnum

I have one that I use for all my shooting, I load my own, it is very accurate. My longest shot was at 500 yards and had a 1 inch grouping. Very reliable gun

48 .270 Winchester

So accurately can hit a moving hair...

49 Scoped M1 Garand

In Medal of Honor: Vanguard the M1 Garand's upgrade was a sniper scope.

50 7mm Remington Magnum

100 yards 7mm Mag Ruger No1'' 3 shots off a bench rest, a dime covered all 3 shots!

51 Remington Model 700

I owned one of these babies as my first rifle, chambered in 30.06, very reliable, very consistent grouping for even a beginner at 100yrds. I used a bipod, and a simple scope off an old pellet rifle and was able to shoot a 2" grouping by the time I was done, my shoulder felt like someone drummed on it with a brick. Still the funnest rifle I've ever used and am still kicking myself for selling it, but my husky needed treatment and my dog comes before my rifle. I do indeed plan on getting another.

Best gun for long distance


52 MacMillan Tac-50

This weapon made the second longest kill shot. The distance was 1.51 miles

53 Mauser M98

This, in my opinion, is the the greatest sniper rifle of all time. Not only was the action of this rifle the basis for most bolt actions in the first half of the twentieth century; but the first confirmed kills between 1000 meters and 1000 yards were done with this rifle. If you look at the Springfield bolt action, it is a Mauser action; if you look at the Mosin 1931 redesign it has similarities to the mauser action. And it spawned the K98K.

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54 SR-25

SR-25 can handle 85 to 90% of the shots taken based on range while also giving the sniper team more firepower to defend itself when needed. Add to this fact that the ability to have 20 to 25 rounds on hand allows the team to engage more targets quicker with instant follow up shots. Accuracy is on par with bolt action rifles of same caliber used in the field currently. The weapon can be modified in unlimited ways to suit any mission requirements within minutes in most cases. Replacement or change of barrels to modify the rifle for urban or open country can be completed in the field by the sniper team in under 10 minutes using a single tool. These factors make the SR-25 is a more useful weapon, in caliber, than others now being used on the modern battlefield.

55 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser

Checkout their competation in Sweden and see deadly polars bears have been brought down withis round

I shoot in vintage sniper matches. The Swedish m41/B seems to out perform other rifles from the same time frame. Hard to beat the Swedish Mauser topped with a fine German Ajack scope.

56 Steyr SSG 08

Great rifle, it still amazes me how little felt recoil given the weight and caliber of this weapon. Now if I could only afford to top it off with a Schmidt & Bender or Zeiss scope.

57 Orsis T-5000

By far one of the most accurate rifles in the world

The most accurate sniper rifle in the world.

58 Steyr SSG 69

It's been around for a long time - been the baseline for most other sniper rifles. Hard to beat with the accurate hand loads and the factor set trigger.

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60 KAR98K
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