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81 Mk 12 Mod 1 Special Purpose Rifle
82 AX50

Designed to withstand constant military deployment, the AX50 long range anti materiel rifle from Accuracy International is based on the DNA of the battle proven AW50. Inheriting the toughness, reliability and ease of maintenance of its powerful predecessor, the AX50 exhibits all the features necessary to ensure superb accuracy and consistent cold shot performance in the harshest conditions.

83 Mannlicher Carcano V 1 Comment
84 Scoped Arisaka

One of the best snipers made. The early ones anyway. Dead nuts accurate, and very reliable

85 XM-8
86 Lobaev
87 Spingfield M1A Socom

Good accurate, hard hitting, durable, lightweight, and 20 round detachable magazine and 1913 rail system to add a good mounted scope for precise shots

88 Simonov SKS

Good, but not the best.

89 Accuracy International L118A1

It is in the family that took away lives of three Taliban fighters more than two point five kilometers away injuring the third one sriously

90 Barrett M98A
91 Barrett M80 Cal
92 H&K PSG-1
93 OTs-03 SVU
94 CS/LR3
95 AS50

.50bmg that's a round that goes right through armor come on ANTI-MATERAL

Semi auto no bolt Pretty good

96 P17 30-06 Enfield
97 DPMS, 7mm SAUM AR10 conversion

In Afghanistan, it should take more than one sniper team with a back-up team in front with a SAW 5.56 and Spotter in front, nighttime with infrared scopes, with a second team in the rear with.338 Allen Express or.375 Chey-tac with spotter in reserve for the extra-long shot. Let's be warriors, the 30 cal. Is not the end all, do all bullet, too much recoil for the ballistic package sent, give me a 7mm SAUM DPMS conversion and the.338 or.375 will have my back.

98 M96
99 L96
100 M40A3

It's standard issue for our military and with a combination of light weight, accuracy and fire power it's a dang good rifle

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