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21 Marco Fu

I some how like him personally a very good break builder right there at the top with the games best

Great break builder

Good break building

I have known him since he was a teenager
A great player and a great gentleman
Second best player who has not won the World Title (yet)

22 Kirk Stevens
23 John Parrott
24 Xiao Guodong

The second best Chinese player after Ding.

25 John Pulman

Multiple world champion dominated the ups surely deserves a mention

26 Ken Owers

Ken owers has been over looked hear he was one of the greatest snooker players in the northwest came from a small town made a legend by his own brilliant skills

27 Ken Doherty

Great come back player.

Love the cue as much as his cock

The come back King

A very good player on his day,pity he was inconsistent.Brought great joy to many irish people when he became world champion

28 Mark Allen
29 Joe Johnson

Also the only modern-era player to make the final the following year after winning the World Title for the first time.

Deserves a place as being biggist under dog to win the would title against steve davis

30 Tony Drago

The fastest player of all time, it's pleasure to watch him

31 Nigel Bond
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