Ronnie O Sullivan


As of 2013 he has won 5 world championship titles which makes the accusation of under achiever carry less weight if any. He is still going strong picking his tournaments and has every chance of extending his world championship tally. For natural talent he is undisputedly the best. But these days Ronnie has everything in his game, potting, the best positional player ever, great safety and a better temperament. Ironically I would say his weakest area is long pots but because of how great his safety has become Ronnie seems to be finding himself in less long pot situations as other players tend to buckle their safety before Ronnie does, letting him in more easily. Snooker would be a poorer game without Ronnie at the table.

Ronnie is an absolute master and falls in the same bracket as Tiger Woods, Roger Federer and Phil Taylor as the all time kings of their sport. When Ronnie retires from the sport, I don't think the sport will recover, even my young children love watching Ronnie. Long live the king of snooker.

Ronnie is the only Snooker player I have personally seen who has not got any worse with age. He has bad years but keeps getting back to his best. Steven Hendry was probably the best in his prime but he went off in later years. Ronnie is the best in every department a perfect all rounder he doesn't even have to look at the table he knows were the ball will end up and figures out the table in a matter of seconds. That's genius not the potting but the reading of the table so fast and effortlessly there is no player like him past or present or future.

Ronnie o'sullivan is most peoples favorite snooker player right now. He is the showman of snooker and that's what the crowd want to see. He's fast with a very quick snooker brain and plays some brilliant shots. The 147 world record clearance he made in just 5 mins and 20 secs in most peoples eyes is trully stunning. Will it ever be beaten its very very unlikely but never say never. Ronnie is in his forties and still going strong over the years he has threatened countless times but he hasn't as of yet. I know he has everyone on his back expecting him to win title after title and I think sometimes because of this he gets so stressed and deserves a break. He could go on and win a few more titles most people would love to see him achieve this. In the mean time though a lot of people would agree to be the best you need a break now and then. he's faced a lot of things in his life for personal reasons and what not and to carry on achieving what he has done is truly remarkable. I hope the ...more

No one comes close to this man when he plays at the top of his game. People might say he has underachieved but nowadays with his temperament in tact he is unplayable at times. Most 147's, most centuries, fastest 147, flamboyant, 5 worlds, 5 Welsh, 7 masters, 33 ranking events. He just won 5 ranking titles in one season. A couple more world titles and no body will be able to question this man. For me and most people he is on the same league as Roger Federer, Schumacher, Pele/Maradona/Messi at his sport!

For me it should be judged on who would win out of these players when they are all playing their absolute best and in their prime. Which is why I feel O'Sullivan is the best of all time because when he plays his 'A' game he is simply unbeatable, regardless of who he is playing or what era he would play in. Fact.

Ronnie is the fastest playing in the world he makes the game looks so easy it's very hard to watch another game of plays play after watching Ronnie play they look a lot slower I can see why they call him the rocket we love you Ronnie never give up.

At his best he's miles above the rest

Untouchable when at his best. Took snooker to a level no one else can and on more occasions than anyone has ever done. He draws in crowds and has kept the sport alive since the 90s. Tournaments are never the same when Ronnie isn't in them.

Ronnie has always had the skills to beat anyone, as he reached his 30s he got his state of mind right. It was only his personality that ever held him back. Now that is sorted any opponent needs to be on top form to beat him and Ronnie will still give them problems even when he himself is not at his best. I can see Ronnie wining major tournaments including the world championship in his 40s. He will overtake Stephen Hendry in the end.

The most naturally talented player of all time, the most exciting player of all time, but with standards too high even for him. His greatest rival was himself. On his day at his best, could beat anyone. But does that make him the best player?

Just watch Ronnie's game, and you will find this guy is a gifted legend in snooker that no one else can be at his level. There are other great players in this game, but Ronnie just shine through them all.

The game will never be played with more elegance or imaginaton by anyone else. At his best, he is the essence of harmony with the balls, his cue and the the angles of the table... In my opinion, the real master who has achieved a level of synergy with the game that no one else has been near to.

Ronnie O Sullivan is far the greatest snooker players to hold a clue! His 147 breaks and the ability to make breaks from ridiculous positions # naturally gifted

The most centuries of any player... and the most maximum breaks. Ronnie is a 5 time world champion, and the most gifted player to ever grace a snooker table. Pure talent! He is still the biggest draw in snooker.

He's overtaken Hendry's century haul and it's worth noting Hendry's success was short lived, after 1999 Hendry has never won a world title again, his success rapidly declined when Ronnie, Higgins & Williams solidified their dominance, if Hendry really was the king he'd have had some major titles after 1999, even in his late 30s Ronnie has managed to grab two world titles, should have been 3 but oh well he faltered last year at the last hurdle. He still remains competitive despite playing a lot less than his biggest rivals. Fact he has the most and fastest maximums is testament he has the greatest aptitude in breaking, tactically he can't be the best else he'd never lose considering his talent at the game. So while he hasn't had a long streak of titles like the previous masters he has won at least one world title within every 4 years since 2001, not as impressive as Hendry's 5year streak in short term but he's lasted longer as a supreme player despite not having the mental fortitude ...more

A rare combination of talent and personality, an awesome ambassador for the game, on most days. Balanced between risk taking, intelligence, and what looks like outrageous over confidence from the outside. Best player ever!

You can't get better opinions than from past legends. Both Steve Davies & Stephen Henry rate Ronnie as being the greatest player the game has ever seen.

Tthe most naturally gifted snooker player, Great entertainment, Great to watch exciting, not Boring like some of the players of today. If Ronnie isn't playing in matches I don't watch, unless I need sleep... I don't mean to be flippant but sometimes its like watching paint dry, long drawn out matches. Keep the good work up Ronnie you really are "THE BEST"

He is the most naturally gifted of all. Always calm around the green board and also makes difficult games look so easy.

To take a year off and still go out and blow away the field at the World Championship is testament to authentic genius. It is absolutely incredible what this man can do on a snooker table, he is unique. In due course he will surely make more centuries and 147's than Hendry, and most importantly at a much faster rate.

What a player although every yar they put him up against john higgins in the semi finals and he loses its like they don't want him to win!

Ronnie is my favourite snooker player. I also like Hendry. I also believe that Judd Trump will soon be considered one of the great players of all times.

The most naturally talented player of all time and would have been the best on paper if things had of gone smoother in the early stages of his career.

You will enjoy snooker played by any other player if you witness Ronnie brilliance on the table. A player you can only imagine just like mythology.