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21 Lifening Lifening

This is all ever wanted for life, man.this is called song

22 Make This Go On Forever Make This Go On Forever

Such an intense song! And truly emotional.
This should be rated as the best Snow Patrol song ever.

This is honestly my absolute favourite song. So emotional and beautiful.

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23 Take Back the City Take Back the City

Down at 21? Laugh out loud! The tempo, the riffs..everythings amazing...! Has to be top 3!

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24 Grazed Knees Grazed Knees
25 Crack the Shutters Crack the Shutters

An amazing song. So deep and so sexy. It is about worshipping the one you love and appreciating every moment with them.

This song should be in the top ten (in my opinion), it is definitely my favourite song from Snow Patrol! This one and Run are my two favourites ^^,

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26 Spitting Games Spitting Games

What's Spitting Games doing down here? This is one of their best songs! Everyone vote for Spitting Games! - Rorywilbren

One of the best! 28th No Way

Seriously, why is Spitting Games so low? This is song is great, 3rd best on Final Straw (After Run and Chocolate) and one of personal favorites!

MVP Baseball 2004

27 The Planets Bend Between Us The Planets Bend Between Us

This is my most Favorite song ever by any band. Don't you understand the elegant darkness and love portrayed in this one?

The best song ever!
"and even in the darkness, I can see how happy you are" :')

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28 I Won't Let You Go

Awesome song, great drums and the voice just reels you in

Such a good song to chill out to. And this song is in divergent!

29 The Golden Floor The Golden Floor

Incredible... Absolutely brilliant... Unique, intriguing rhythms and haunting lyrics... Love you SNOW PATROL

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30 Warmer Climate Warmer Climate
31 If There's a Rocket Tie Me to It If There's a Rocket Tie Me to It

This song is so so good, perfect lyrics. I believe it has to be on the top 10

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32 Somewhere a Clock Is Ticking Somewhere a Clock Is Ticking

Such a meaningful song it is. It takes you to a different level of not giving up on something you love.

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33 The President

Anyone touched by the disease of alcoholism will likely be deeply touched by the finely crafted lyrics here.

34 Get Balsamic Vinegar... Quick You Fool Get Balsamic Vinegar... Quick You Fool
35 The Garden Rules The Garden Rules
36 When I Get Home For Christmas When I Get Home For Christmas
37 Fifteen Minutes Old Fifteen Minutes Old

My love this song, it's just got such a nice tune and it's peaceful. My top 5 snow patrol songs would have to be 1) fifteen minutes old, 2) Olive Garden facing the sea, 3) set fire to the third bar, 4) just say yes and 5) chasing cars.

38 Berlin
39 Batten Down the Hatch Batten Down the Hatch

The most awesome, chilled song for slow Sundays. Or for riding in the car with your friends when everyone's sleepy after a long day out. Totally underrated.

40 Daybreak

The final part of The Lightning Strike is simply the best. It has heartfelt lyrics and the incredible guitar solo at the end is breathtaking!

Nice song, nice music, lyrics describe a romantic scene, last part of the lighting strike

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