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41 Batten Down the Hatch

The most awesome, chilled song for slow Sundays. Or for riding in the car with your friends when everyone's sleepy after a long day out. Totally underrated.

42 Daybreak

The final part of The Lightning Strike is simply the best. It has heartfelt lyrics and the incredible guitar solo at the end is breathtaking!

Nice song, nice music, lyrics describe a romantic scene, last part of the lighting strike

43 Set Down Your Glass

Amazing song. It is just incredible! Come on JUST LISTEN TO IT!

Mesmerizing! please listen it. Should be in Top 3

Honestly my favorite. Should be much higher.

44 It's Beginning to Get to Me

An immaculate conglomeration of melody, poetry and heartfelt emotions. The author's deepest thoughts about his partner and their strained relationship are artistically woven into this transcendent masterpiece. Oh, the feels when you hear this song...

This song should be on top 10!

45 Tiny Little Fractures
46 Starfighter Pilot

This is the song that made snow patrol famous, it's the best

47 In My Arms

This one's a beautiful track.. Love the lyrics, the pace and the pauses.

48 If I'd Found the Right Words to Say
49 When It's All Over We Still Have to Clear Up
50 Crazy In Love
51 On/Off
52 Wow

How was this not even on the list?! Wow!

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