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1 Burton

All the pros ride a burton. Though people might not like them, I think they are really nice boards. I ride Roxy's mainly but I do like burtons a lot

Riding a burton is like cheating. So much smoother then my Ride.

I've worn burton gear for 6 years and loved it! I just bought a brand new Burton Custom from whistler Burton and hoping to ride it tomorrow. Shred Till yer Dead

Love it, feel it - muratozbayraktar

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2 Lib Tech

Easily best board company

Best tech

Best boards ever. TRS FP king

You gotta be kidding me. The boards that contributed to the greatest snowboard movie of all time only get #7, really? And BURTON gets number 1? I can see, no true snowboarder that KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT has actually been voting. Anyone who KNOWS snowboarding, knows lib tech is TOP OF THE LINE. Magne traction, C2BTX camber/rocker with HP technology. enough said, there is nothing more advanced on the market. I know, I own one, I've shredded The North Face with it. Burton is just the better known brand, they certainly aren't the best. I mean you have to buy burton bindings if you get a burton board because their set ups aren't universal like say... Lib tech? I have a capita snowboard with flow bindings, and a lib tech with ride bindings. If I had made the mistake as a beginner buying a Burton, man, I'd be screwed right now! Seriously people, stop voting on crap you don't know ANYTHING ABOUT. I knew this was gonna happen, I should've stayed away from this one. It just pissed me ...more

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3 Ride

I ride a ride

I like ride

They make the best and most durable boards that I have ever touched snow with.
they have some of the most creative riders and there board designs are always on point.

I've tried all types of boards & in my opinion, Ride is the best freestyle board I've ever rode on snow! Unbelievably Great!

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4 Forum

Rode Forum my whole life, bought a Burton Whammy Bar last season. Not unhappy with it but nothing comes close to Forum in the park or streets. They are made to abused and have the best technology in the game if you ask me. Also best bang for your buck. Can get a top of the line deck for around $250

Simply the best. I ride all of the mountain. Hit the pow. Shred the terrain park. And hit the cliffs. Absolutely the best. Super durable. And has insane pop.

Double dog destroyer... enough said

Best, most durable and most advanced boards. Many companies have copied their tech. Its unfortunate they no longer make them. Owned "JP Walker" for 10 years and grabbed a "Kitchen Sink" the last year they made boards and it's the best board I've riden.

5 Salomon

Salomon makes exceptional boards, boots and bindings. Likely most will overlook them because they are seen as a ski company. But, their gear is consistently top-notch.

Best board ever!

Wasn't considering a Salomon but after demo'ing one was amazed by the responsiveness and flexibility. Have riden everything from Liquid to Oxygen and Burtons and this was up there in comfort.

Good one.

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6 K2

Smooth and great for powder! Definitely the best choice!

I have a K2 Joy Driver and is the best! Looking up for an LibTech ORCA.

I have the k2 world wide weapons series favorite park and hill board I've ever ridden love the flex and how light the board is friken amazing!

I have some K2 Sonic binding, I love the. The plastic cranks or ratchets or whatever worry me a little, but they're not broken yet. I have a lot if fun with them over all.

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7 Rome

I've bought second hand Rome Tour and it's the best for this season for me among Never Summer and Gnu. And it's lightest one. And what was surprising it doesn't wash on hard snow even if it's just flat Rocker. Also would like to try an Arbor Coda Rocker!

I've had a rome for the past 2 seasons and it is very good and seems to be very durable. I haven't had any problems with it and it's a very good intermediate to advanced board.

I've had a Rome for a few winters now, I've been getting back into snowboarding and managed to get one of their garage rockers brand new for $160 from the local skate shops spring clearance. The board is really durable and has no signs of damage after 2 winters of use. Ill definitely be buying another one once this one goes.

I own a rome anthem sds and it's without a doubt the best board I've owned. The design of the board is built to perfection. They are great if your a speed demon but at the same time they are very easy to control. I would recommend any rome board to anyone that snowboards.

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8 DC

Torstein Horgmo rides for DC. 'enough said.

There the best, especially in the terrain park.

Awesome boards, so playful in the park, but also good for some all mountain riding to

Top notch brand and best for park

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9 Gnu

Been riding a second hand gnu board for a while now, hands down the sickest freestyle board I've ridden.

I got one for my birthday last year and it is absolutely my favorite board yet!

Gnu and lib tech have the most quality snowboards.

I got a gnu snowboard about 2 seasons ago and it's amazing, love it and would recomend.

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10 Never Summer

Amazing boards, best I've ever ridden. Never Summer kills it with every board.

Rides good in every way. Might as well be unbreakable.

Best, lively, quality?

I bought my first never summer (evo 4.0) last year after previously riding a burton clash a nitro haze and a ride dh. The never summer is hands down the best board I've ever rode. Its stable at high speeds, carves on a dime, kills it in the park, rips in the woods and floats in the powder, holds edge well on icy or choppy surfaces. It has ideal flex, pop, and stiffness, and is damn near indestructible. Long story short I couldn't of asked for more in a deck.

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11 Capita

Skits graphics

The best brand ever

11? This should be at least 6, tis the best

Great boards for any kind of riding. Cool graphics too.

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Great Board, great style

The best board I've ever riden. Bin riding for over 22 years and nothing matches the nitro pantera in the powder. I wish I could have rode this when I was younger. Perfect for my size (6'2" 230lbs, bodybuilder type). I love it.

I have the magnum from a few years ago and love it. I've been looking to get something less stiff but I still think ill go back to the magnum every chance I get.

Incredible, the only company that comes close for me is Capita. I have ridden many snowboards, Nitro + Capita are the best by far!

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13 Arbor

I have an Arbor and a Burton board. I am 48 years old and love the Arbor to play at the terrain parks. I have both boards for three years. The Arbor is very flexible for my age granting me to learn new tricks and keeping me young (of course more mind than body). The Burton board is faster and carves better but the Arbor board remains my favorite to play off piste and hit the terrain parks for jumps, boxes, kinks, barrels, and soon rails. If you are a late starter, I would recommend this board if speed is not your end desire.

I bought a Arbor formula, rocker because I'm 6,1 230 lbs and a beginner and live in wi so we have hills not mountains so carving and going fast is not something I'm worried about. Has the grip tech,So it helps with my turning and stopping. Arbor has162cm mw to fit my 13 boot and the 2x4 packs so I could choose different bindings and not be locked into one brand. I love this board so far has not disappointed, but I'm a beginner so my opinion might not matter much. Good day to all.

Just bought my first board, chose an arbor! Took it on the slopes yesterday and had a blast. Really smooth ride, surprisingly good for jobs, cause I know arbor isn't really known for the park. All around great board. It should kick burton out of the number one spot in my opinion.

Arbor is true to quality. Can be higher up on the price end but you truly get what you pay for. Been using my board for the past 3 seasons and it's held up so strong.

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14 Union

The very best. I can ride a pair for 3-4 seasons

Great bindings! Light and flexible

15 Flow

I have a board from flow and I like it a lot

Best brand with new innovations

Best board I have ever ridden. Very affordable as well

Best board and exceptional bindings!

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16 Jones

I tested the brand new Ultra Mountain Twin and after less then 20 seconds riding it put a smile on my face like no other board I've ever ridden. The rigidity of the board, the control, the pace, even the graphics: everything suited me perfectly. This is a "proper" snowboard.

Love my jones. Its cheap and has no fancy graphics but bang for the buck its great. Tried it alongside a K2 and a Burton and it was my favorite.

17 Bataleon


Tripple base! I got a lot of use outta my undisputed bataleon

I have literally tried all boards never summers are to stiff same with dc I know a lot of people will hate me for this but burton in my opinion are beginner boards don't even start to tell me Shaun white rides one as an excuse tech nines are Actualy a good board but they break easy skate bananas are just a bit expensive when you can get the same out of bataleon for a couple hundred dollars less. I rode a Rome board which snapped like all my other freinds romes ); ( I started to grow fond of these boards) then came along my bataleon disaster board although it chiped a little here and there it is my true love it is extremely flexible and great for jibs and rotations (720) (540) (360) but that's my opinion if anyone wants to criticize me I don't mind cause I like to hear other people's ideas about boards.

Had two boards from bataleon and compared to my never summer Evo it rides like a dream

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18 Nidecker

First brand new board that I have...really good.

They quit selling in the US in part because of a fickle, uninformed market in the US that valued graphics far over actual technology. Fantastic craftsmanship in there top of the line Donuts series... These boards ride as good as anything out there and never wear out...

Mt first time with nidecker. Great riding
Livin the dream

19 Rossignol

Pretty much a Lib-Tech snowboard. I hear a good amount are made in the same factories. Mine was. Yeah they aren't known for their snowboards, but I'd put them right beside Salomon in regards to quality.

They may not have the popularity in the world of snowboarding but the quality is there! My, Angus 2012 is one of the fastest and funniest boards I have ever ride!

I have the board and it's really good for me

The best

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20 Vans
21 Sims

Only ride Sims! Perfect for all types of riding.

Just got a Sims board. Love it!

22 Head

One thing's for sure: they make the best skis!

I love this board

Very Smooth

23 Yes

Yes Optimistic... sick
Yes Greats... sick
Yes... sick

Best boards out there

My typo is the best board I've ever had

One of the best with quality and all round boards

24 Signal Snowboards

Awesome board


Killer company out of California hand made in usa

25 Avalanche
26 M3
27 Lamar

The board is decent, but the bindings are terrible.

28 Alibi
29 Endeavor
30 Option
31 StepChild

Step child is far superior to most brands they are they most flexy sexy boards

Capita and stepchild should be at the front along with dwd

By far one of the best park board company's out there. more of an underground company along unlike burton, never summer, ride etc. that cost $800 for a board. stepchild is affordable and performs much better than mainstream boards.

32 Technine

Got a Bradshaw snake bite pro model 52 cm. I’m a short guy and this board rides awesome!

41? 41 that's crazy. Id say top 15


33 LTD

LOVE this board! So durable and has so much better quality!

This board is so amazing, better than the top brands out there like burton

I love ltd boards, they are so smooth

34 Smokin Snowboards

Straight from Tahoe, these boards have awesome features for any kind of riding and are constantly being improved with each seasons new release

35 Niche
36 Morrow

This board cannot compete with capita and burton but it's a great board it works fantastic good for all riders

37 Palmer

The bomb!

38 Crab Grab

Gear is legendary

39 5150

Decent Beginner board. Still holding up for me so it can't be that bad.

Had my set up for over 5 years, no problems.

40 Apo Snow

Good for beginners to intermediate

41 Dinosaurs Will Die

Dinosaurs will die is an American company based in Austria making great boards for the whole mountain

Too sick, skateboard style snowboarding, no weekend warriors for this one

One of the most underground companies out there. the only way you'll know about this company is if you actually pay attention to underground snowboarding.

42 Afc Snowboards

The very best. I can ride a pair for many seasons

Killer made in the usa

If u don't have this snowboard your missing out

Thic but strong and durable

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43 Firefly

I have a firefly board, been treating me well. There are a lot of haters, but it's a good board to realize what you want out of the sport.

I have a firefly board. Been treating me well, cheap board, but decent quality, lots of people hate on the brand because it's a common brand in Sport Chek. Got nothing else to say.

44 Silence
45 Amplid :::next level riding:::

Next level snowboards!

Ride one and you will never take something else anymore

46 Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz boards have the best pop And flex

In my opinion DC, Santa Cruz and Vans are the best park boards out there. Santa Cruz boards are unpopular but they are still great boards.

47 Lobster

Most of their best boards are designed for park

48 Northwave
49 Mongoose

The best

50 Zuma
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