Top 10 Best Snowboarding Brands

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21 Sims

Only ride Sims! Perfect for all types of riding.

Just got a Sims board. Love it!

22 Head

One thing's for sure: they make the best skis!

I love this board

Very Smooth

23 Avalanche
24 Lamar

The board is decent, but the bindings are terrible.

25 M3
26 Alibi
27 StepChild

Step child is far superior to most brands they are they most flexy sexy boards

Capita and stepchild should be at the front along with dwd

By far one of the best park board company's out there. more of an underground company along unlike burton, never summer, ride etc. that cost $800 for a board. stepchild is affordable and performs much better than mainstream boards.

28 Yes

One of the best with quality and all round boards

My typo is the best board I've ever had

Best boards out there

29 Technine

41? 41 that's crazy. Id say top 15


30 Option
31 Signal Snowboards

Killer company out of California hand made in usa

32 Smokin Snowboards

Straight from Tahoe, these boards have awesome features for any kind of riding and are constantly being improved with each seasons new release

33 Palmer

The bomb!

34 Endeavor
35 LTD

This board is so amazing, better than the top brands out there like burton

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36 Crab Grab

Gear is legendary

37 Firefly

I have a firefly board, been treating me well. There are a lot of haters, but it's a good board to realize what you want out of the sport.

I have a firefly board. Been treating me well, cheap board, but decent quality, lots of people hate on the brand because it's a common brand in Sport Chek. Got nothing else to say.

38 Morrow

This board cannot compete with capita and burton but it's a great board it works fantastic good for all riders

39 Apo Snow

Good for beginners to intermediate

40 Dinosaurs Will Die

Dinosaurs will die is an American company based in Austria making great boards for the whole mountain

Too sick, skateboard style snowboarding, no weekend warriors for this one

One of the most underground companies out there. the only way you'll know about this company is if you actually pay attention to underground snowboarding.

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