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41 Inside Out

Whoever Added This Masterpiece Needs To Rethink Their ENTIRE Life

42 Rocky IV V 1 Comment
43 Glen or Glenda
44 Anaconda

Its don't get no better than this!

V 1 Comment
45 Gods of Egypt V 1 Comment
46 Foodfight V 2 Comments
47 Son of the Mask

Sorry guys but for some reason my best friend likes this movie even my brother likes it but I don't like it.

48 The Amazing Bulk
49 No Retreat, No Surrender
50 Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
51 The Stuff
52 Mac and Me
53 White Chicks V 1 Comment
54 Showgirls V 2 Comments
55 Moulin Rouge!
56 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

It was actually fine until batman and superman fight which sucked!

57 Cyberbully V 1 Comment
58 Scooby Doo (2002)

Actually this sort of derverses to be on this list I'm not saying there's anything great about it I agree with a lot of people the effects are awful even by early 2000s standards but it's so cheesy and stupid that you can't just help but laugh I found a few charming scenes I'm not recommending it for everyone because it's definitely not watchable for long time fans of the show also may be a little to silly and over top for some but for me definitely a so bad it's good. P.S watch the hilarious nostalgia critic review.

Not good, but the special effects and "humor" were so bad it made it funny. - peaceswagtv

59 Alexander

Just to watch Rosario Dawson's full frontal nude scenes worth to watch.

60 Ratatoing

The movie sucks. But it was funny where the rats were dancing and were high pictched.

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