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81 Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
82 The Godfather

The godfather "so bad that is good? " So... any other movie in the world are worser but good?

No way, this is one of the greatest movies of all time.

83 Forrest Gump

This shouldn't be here at all, my favorite Tom Hanks movie.

Did A Troll Add This - JPK

84 Bunnyman Massacre

Looks a disturbing enjoyable funny horror flick.

85 Blood Gnome V 1 Comment
86 Vampire's Kiss
87 The Way of the Dragon
88 Undefeatable
89 Ax 'Em
90 The Starving Games
91 Airborne

One of the most funniest most ridiculous pieces of crap I've ever seen yeah definitely a so bad it's good for me and it has that very 90s culture to it and in my opinion the main character is a annoying I can't really explain why there's just something about that guy aside from that it might be very enjoyable entertaining and nostalgic for some but for me it's very stupid and cheesy for me. P.S watch the NC review of the film.

V 1 Comment
92 Zootopia

Calling it "so bad it's good" is actually generous. It's Tumblr with talking animals is all it is.

It still has good characters, who doesn't like Finnick, Clawhauser, or Flash?

Why is this on here!? 😡 This was awesome!

93 Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
94 Double Down
95 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 V 1 Comment
96 Norbit

The puppet show is the reason I love it

V 1 Comment
97 Doogal
98 Saw: The Final Chapter
99 Exorcist: The Beginning
100 Spawn (1997)
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