Top 10 Best Soccer Brands

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21 Pugg V 1 Comment
22 Uhlsport

Uhlsport is top top quality for team wear and kits

The best supplier for goalkeepers

Uhlsport tc sphere soccer ball lasted me 5 years

Uhlsport gloves are very comfortable and r used by high class footballers like Huge Lloris of tottenhamm hotspur

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23 Admiral

I have both Adidas and admiral both are best but admiral is more comfortable

Admiral is a British owned sports brand that has a rich history in both football and fashion. Having designed and manufactured clothing for near a century.

Since 1914 they make quality soccer apparel and accessories, team uniforms and soccer equipment. Garment embellishment of all kind.

Website: W.

24 Sondico

Sondico is a very very nice brand for making football's. It's footballs are awesome I like it because it is very light in weight it is also soft that is why I always play with Sondico football they are waterproof also Sondico is the best

The brand sondico is a fantastic brand for every age they sell things that come in amazing colours

Sondico have the best indoor soccer boots in the universe


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25 Vector

I think it is best in football I brought on 1-6-2017 size 3 brasil

26 Perma

Just awesome

27 Penalty
28 Cosco Torino

I have cosco studs and football... it makes (maybe) the 2nd number best studs..

Its verry cool just like addidas or much better than it

29 Asic

Asic are the best because they are so cool

They are number one

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30 Concave V 1 Comment
31 Brava

Their balls are great and durable. They also have great shinguards

These things stink the balls rip easy and the shingards are not bad

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32 Pirma V 1 Comment
33 ErreĆ  V 1 Comment
34 Molten
35 Patrick
36 Hummel

Good brand large range of football

Hummel should be at the front page


37 Brazuca
38 New Balance

I have been playing with certain balls like Nike Adidas and puma but when you kick had in a penalty new balance balls go faster and can make a goal easily! Try it

Best brand out right now in the market

39 Rajsu

Rajsu is the best studs ever. Its cheap and it's quality is awesome. It's better than Nike

How do you even get it

40 Spartan
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