Top 10 Best Soccer Managers

Who are the 10 Best Football (Soccer) Managers of all time?

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1 Alex Ferguson

he's won 36 trophies in 25 years he's the best manager and the most succesful one!

No one knows football better than him!
he know how to create legends!

Wow he is just amazing there's no way to explain him he a true LEGEND
go Manchester United I love you so much I'd do anything 4 you

He doesn't need a champion to win championship like Pep Guardiola he makes them champion. The best ever.

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2 Jose Mourinho

Great sense of defense and attack but especially defense. Good recruiting sense. Very good at choosing his team and only leaves out unskillful players

a real leader, earns respect from every player. really smart man

he is best in tactics and playing styles best of all

Simple test, when he goes to a team, that team is always better than it was in past years. Porto and Chelsea have seen their best under him, more than a half of Chelsea's history is gained by Mourinho. Compare his Inter 2008-2010 with era before him, Real Madrid didn't saw CL semi-finals for 8 years before him, when he came, they were at CL semi-finals for 3 consecutive years and finally good days to come for Manchester United, they will be better than their last years.

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3 Arsene Wenger Arsene Wenger

just as I have read on many comments on this site, I like arsene wenger philosophy of not wasting money on known stars but instead by making strars and yet he can keep arsenal at a higher level despite not winning the champions league. I wish I can meet wenger one day and help him win a european cup (champions league). In my opinion he should be the best one which better than the special one

The thing is Arsene wenger made Arsenal get back on their feet. He Should Be the Manager of France after he leaves Arsenal. He Is actully voted 2nd Best In The Official FIFA Top 10 Managers! We Will WIn a Cup This Year! Come On Gunners!

Arsene should be higher! Even Ferguson said Arsene is better than him. He should be first or second at least. Arsene is able to make many players to world players. Without Arsene, Arsenal is nothing.

Of course he might not sell any players but he is the best GO ARSENAL­čśâ

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4 Josep Guardiola

Guardiola is one of the legendary coach in the world. He won cups for Bayern Munich and he won 14 cups for Barcelona. definitely, he is a champion as a manager. Guardiola can perform in any club as a manager who has passion for soccer.

Absolutely the best, his success in Barcelona is just a real example of how much he knows about this great sport that is soccer. Cheers to him even though he is leaving Barcelona he will always be with us.

73.24 Win rate. What else is there to say? He is simply the best of them all. Now he's at City and he's gonna win the league at least once, maybe twice. He will also most likely win the Champion's league too.

I might accept Mourinho or Ferguson being higher but Arsene Whineger?

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5 Carlo Ancelotti

Carlo Ancelotti have manage big team such as Real Madrid, Bayern Munchen, Paris Saint Germain, Juventus, Chelsea and AC Milan

Underrated at both Chelsea and Real Madrid

Ancelotti number 1 only

For Sure, He's much more better than Guardiola. Guardiola just manages the teams with full of stars like Barcelona in 2008 that had Henry, Ronaldinho, Deco, Eto'o, Messi and then he joined FC Bayern which was the Strongest Team in Germany

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6 Johan Cruyff Johan Cruyff

Not only was he the greatest manager of all time or what he was able to accomplish with Ajax and Barcelona, he built the foundation for the Barcelona of today that is clearly the greatest team in the world.

Won the European Cup with Barcelona & 8 league titles with Ajax. - plmilligan1968

He's definitely not the best BEST manager but he's still an awesome one though

7 Bob Paisley

Left a legacy of trophies for Liverpool. - plmilligan1968

Three European Cups in nine years compared to two in 25?

He manager liverpool for 10 years and won 20 trophies. Image he has manager liverpool for 20 years how many will he win for liverpool.

Like it or not his the greatest therE can ever be

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8 Pep Guardiola V 2 Comments
9 Roberto Di Matteo

Won many cups in the middle of the season at chelsea like uefa champions legue fa cup and when he left he won in another club

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10 Fabio Capello

He should be further down he was good till he came to england

Won the European Cup with Milan - plmilligan1968

The Newcomers

? Frank De Boer (Inter Milan)
? Antonio Conte

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11 Bill Shankly

Started the legacy at Liverpool. - plmilligan1968

Started the boot room which collectively won 13 leagues, 4 European cups, and 4 FA cups.

Alex Ferguson is passionless look at bill shanklys speeches he is the best on this page

Better than bob paisley

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12 Jock Stein

A Great manager. His teams played total football before the term had been introduced. Success was achieved with a team of local men - no expensive imports. It is always most difficult to be the first to achieve a great success, and that is exactly what he achieved.

Great man who conquered Europe with attacking football, simply he had his boys playing the beautiful game

Won the European Cup with Celtic. - plmilligan1968

Took a bunch of local kids, no big money transfers, and made a world class team. Unmatched in history.

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13 J├╝rgen Klopp

Love him so much! The best best ongoing manger! Time to hit best manager of all-time!

Have qualities to develop young players and giving pressing game.

An outstanding man manager and underrated tactician.


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14 Matt Busby

A remarkable man. Formed the Busby Babes, survived the Munich Air Crash (just). Rebuilt the Manchester Utd team to win the European Cup in 1968. He took English sides into Europe. Created the Man Utd post war legacy. - plmilligan1968

He is just as important as Ferguson in united history

Revolutionized football. Created the Modern Day Manchester United, we owe everything to him.

What the hell matt busby here he should be no 5 he was better than bob paisley

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15 Brian Clough

How isn't he the best? He took a team from the bottom of the second division to win the title TWICE with two different clubs! Also won the European cup twice with Nott. Forest. And did this with an ordinary budget. Guy is a legend!

Sorry but 12th is an insult, bottom of the 2nd division to champions of england within 4-5 years with two different clubs will never be repeated, and two consecutive cups is an achievement barely anyone else on the list has accomplished

This man is greater than any other manager ever. I'm sorry but he has achieved far more than your Alex Ferguson or your Jose in terms of literally creating success even if those two have won more silverware.

Anyone who knows a lot about football realises just what a legend he was.

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16 Rafael Benitez

Saved Newcastle from relegation - 2016

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17 Jurgen Klopp

Wouldn't shake Tony Pulis' hand, what an idiot doesn't deserve to be on this list.
He also celebrated a 2-2 draw with West Brom like they won the league.

Excellent Manager, transformed Dortmund from an average mid-table side in the Bundesliga to Consecutive title winners and Champions League finalists. Wish him all the best at LFC.

18 Vicente del Bosque
19 David Moyes

So good got Man United to 7th

Best manager in this season

Should switch with pellegrino

It's Moyseh

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20 Fatih Terim

He has his signature on most of the successes in Turkish football history. The UEFA Cup triumph with Galatasaray and semi final with Turkey in EURO 2008 are few of his achievements.

More than just a manager. A father, a marshall, an emperor.

Best motivator in the modern football, more than a manager. He is like a leader...

What a amazing guy!

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