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41 Frank Lampard Frank Lampard Frank James Lampard is an English professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for New York City FC in Major League Soccer.

He is the greatest, nobody can beat his passing skills, not even Messi

Lampard is the best free kicker for me

42 Andrea Pirlo Andrea Pirlo Andrea Pirlo is an Italian professional footballer who plays for American club New York City FC in Major League Soccer and the Italy national team.

One of the best passers in the world and lead Italy to Euro 2012 final

43 David Beckham David Beckham
44 Marco Reus Marco Reus Marco Reus is a German professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder, winger or striker for German Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund and the Germany national team.
45 Andik Vermansyah
46 Koo Ja-Cheol

Koo did captain on London olympic. And he made a goal in bronze medal test with Japan. Now, he is leased to augsburg from wolfsburg.

47 Mario Balotelli Mario Balotelli

With a massive move to AC Milan because of punching Roberto Mancini, the player has so much strength he could beat Jackie Chan in an arm wrestle.

48 Chu-Young Park

Park was the best striker in Korea, and in London olympic, he played very well. He scored the winning goal to Japan at bronze medal game! So he is the greatest player!

49 Angel di María
50 Pepe

He's the hero of real madrid. He is not afraid of anyone.

51 Edinson Cavani Edinson Cavani Edinson Roberto Cavani Gómez is a Uruguayan professional footballer who plays as a striker for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and the Uruguay national team.

I don't get how anybody can omit El matador Edinson Cavani from any top list of top 10 players in 2012. Rooney? Cavani was arguable the best striker in the planet last season.

One of the best strikers in the world, enough said...

52 Rohit Chand

One of the best defenders Nepal ever had, will play in epl one day.

53 Emile Heskey
54 Arda Turan
55 Alessandro Del Piero Alessandro Del Piero Alessandro Del Piero Ufficiale is an Italian former professional footballer who played as a deep-lying forward.

Del piero is my hero he is the good player in the world

Del piero number one and world football

56 Samuel Eto'o Samuel Eto'o Samuel Eto'o Fils is a Cameroonian professional footballer who plays as a striker for Turkish club Antalyaspor.
57 John Terry John Terry

He is the best soccer player in the world

58 Cássio Ramos
59 Drogba

Best player I have ever seen

60 Boaz Solossa

This is the best player in the south east asia..

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