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21 Dejan Stanković From Half Way Lie
22 James McFadden Long Range Strike

Spectacular goal against France.

23 Ronaldinho Scissor Kick
24 Bergkamp against Newcastle

28 is too low on this list...

25 Alessandro Del Piero Juventus Fiorentina 04/12/94
26 Radamel Falcao Bicycle Kick
27 Ibrahimovic 6 Man Dribble
28 Thierry Henry vs Manchester United

Flicked the ball up and volleys it over Barthez... Highbury went mad... - xyz51007

29 Lionel Messi vs Real Madrid UCL Semifinal 2011
30 Jack Wilshere Goal vs Norwich City
31 Carlos Alberto Wonder Goal

I don't get how great this goal is unless you're a real football fan, and you really analyse it. The number 9 tracking back to win the ball in his own half, the perfect touch by the winger trapping the ball, Pele not even looking when he passes and the right back smashing the ball into the bottom corner wiv the outside of his foot. Watching a team produce a goal of that overall quality is poetry in motion!

32 Cristiano Ronaldo vs Portsmouth

Surely this goal must be here? Poor old David James stood there helpless... it's like Ronaldo picked up the ball with his hands and put it into that top corner without anyone seeing it... - xyz51007

33 Beckham vs Greece

92nd Minute at Old Trafford...2-1 down... pressure on Beckham... and what does he do? He leaves the Greek keeper absolutely helpless! Stunning Free Kick! - xyz51007

34 Francesco Totti vs Sampdoria 2006/07
35 Maradona Hand of God
36 Oscar's Goal vs Juventus
37 Raul Incredible Dribble Goal
38 Alan Shearer Goal Against Everton

hit a first time volley from about 25 yards out straight into the top corner..
pure class

39 Gaston Mealla Scorpion Kick
40 James Rodriguez Volley vs Uruguay 2014 FIFA World Cup
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