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1 Adidas Predator PowerSwerve

Comfort. It's all about comfort. But they also have fantastic performance and accuracy

Makes me have better control and really comfortable for the people with wide feet... I could never wear a Nike shoe!

Best of the best developed by zidane... Extreme POWER and style


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2 Nike Mercurial Vapor III

I have these Pair of shoes and they are light.. Gives good feel of the ball.. Shooting is fun too... And you have Colours to choose from

These shoes are really good. They have a nice feel with the ball when worn during a game and are very light and athletic. I have these cleats and they are like my best friend. I can never go to a game without them. They are also evan better because my cleats have carbon fiber on the bottom and that makes them evan better because it makes you run faster and they don't ware out that easily, plus they are worn be cristanio ronaldo and he is like my favorite soccer player. I suggest these cleats to people who play lots of soccer.

The shoes are amazing I have them myself and I've had them for about one week and I've already scored 2 goals in my first match with them they are both comfortable and stylish and they improved my performance in many ways both in technique speed and skill. They are truly the best shoes ever

Hell ya

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3 Adidas Copa Mundial

Original simple best cleat ever engineered by the Germans

Made of kangaroo leather... Can't find that anywhere else! Those plastic mercurials may be light, but they are not as durable.

You can't beat the soft feel... I play hard and the compass last. Great for turf or grass


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4 Adidas F50.7

This soccer boot is very comfortable for running at high speeds and controlling the ball. These soccer cleats are also worn by many famous soccer players like Lionel Messi, David Villa, Daniel Alves, Karim Benzema and Ricardo Kaka.

These are very comfortable. With these I can run faster than before. These are the lightest football boots I have ever worn.. I used to think how Messi can run so fast, now I have got the secret..

best shoe on earth, light also messi wears them

Messi's symbol on the back of this shoe looks so good

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5 Nike Total90 Laser

Its the best shoe as it lets you curve, improves your accuracy and turned me into a scoring machine. I would score around ten goals in C league and now I'm scoring 36 goals in half the games in A league

Light, responsive, accurate, quick, and stylish

Awesome show for controlled power shot. If Only of they still made them :(

I would say you could take good free kickes with them

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6 Puma King

Worn by Pele, Cryuff and Maradona. The shoe worn by the greatest players.

After I had tried Puma King for the first time I stayed with it and never changed it again. I keep trying different shoes but nothing can match Puma King to this day.

I wore these back in the day... Today's shoe may be more colorful, but these are still the best

I like pumas because they are stylish and cheap

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7 Nike Total90 II

Love the rubber ping it gives

7. Nike Total90 II - pavlejovic

Comfi cool design but its too narrow

Really quik good studs best for grass no 7 suks no 10 kiks ass

8 Adidas Predator Absolute

8. Adidas Predator Absolute - pavlejovic

9 Puma v1.06

Have a cheaper version of them at the moment and the design is amazing. Gives a nice clean hit and the material allowed a soft touch when needed.

10 Nike HyperVenom

A compressed nylon chassis, split-toe design, and the new stud configuration deliver a relentless range of movement allowing attackers to dominate.

The new anatomical fit works with the natural movements of the foot, unlocking agile movement and the killer instinct needed for game-changing impact.

The hypersensitive, responsive, and soft NIKESKIN upper becomes one with the foot, harmonising deadly touch and cutthroat control.

Excuse me, but Nike Hypervenom should be at the top, definitely. Why? That is a simple question indeed. They are cool-looking with the Nike looks, comfy, and pure Nike. They are great for passing, striking, and agility. Definitely get them if you get the chance.

-duh kritik

It is like a deadly weapon used in soccer. It has a lot of features

These are the shoes I have and I love them because they are comfortable, have good support and are light.

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11 Nike Air Legend

Nice Classic Style, comfort, touch and great feel.

10. Nike Air Legend - pavlejovic

12 Nike Mercurial Vapor V

worn by christiano ronaldo these boots are the lightest ever.

Do you know this shoe rocks!

This hasvto be in first place. This is an amazing shoe.

13 Nike Magista Obra FG

I have no clue why this is in 17th place, the shoe is amazing.

Why isn't this in first place!

Good looking boot

The Adidas Predator PowerSwerve is junk compared to this

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14 Adidas F50 I Tunit

worn by lional messi these all leather boots are the most comfortable boots ever.

15 Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII
16 Nike Victory

I <3 these boots and have them

17 Nike CTR360 Maestri III

3d pads on the side help them to be explosive and effective

Great fit and feel. Really strong stud pattern.

Best first touch and control

18 Pele Trinity

Boots created by top player pele they are marvellous

Best boots for the best player

19 Adidas Predator Electricity. X

Are you kidding me best shoes in the world best material

20 Adidas Nitrocharge

Such a good shoe has power control and agility love em

You kidding me this is last nitrocharge is beast you guys have to vote for nitrocharge its not better than hypervenom but way better than the f50 go on youtube and that will totally prove that this is supposed to be number 1 thumbs up if you agree it is super comfartable

21 Adidas Predator LZ

Awesome shoes and foxy designed

22 Nike Tiempo Legend IV

Soft and comfort produces good play

Best cleat ever

23 Nike Mercurial Vapor Galaxy/9

Nike mercurial are the best. You have to agree

24 Nike Premier FG
25 Nike T90 Laser III

Explosive effects on the ball and good touch

26 Adidas World Cups

These are by far the best boots ever made. It's not about the design it's about how comfy durable and good the boots actually are. The soft kangaroo leather is super comfy. The classic look makes you look like a legend. On the pitch

27 Nike Total90 Supremacy
28 CTR 360 Maestri 2
29 Lotto Stadio

Most comfortable soccer boots to be found. Durable, flexible.

30 Adidas Predator Absolion

worn by steven gerrard these are light, comfortable, powerful, gripy and every thing a boot should be.

31 Fila Forza 11
32 NIKE CTR360
33 Nike Mercurial Victory V CR7
34 Lotto Stadio Suprema

This boot is specifically designed to maxmise comfort and stability for JNR players. Avaliable in White/black and Black? white.

35 Diadora Kobra LT
36 Adidas Predator Lethal Zone

Great shoes, very comfortable for wide feet and great feeling of the ball the must be at the top ten - Alpha101

37 Adidas Adizero F50 Samba

Best shoes in the world

38 Puma v1.10 SL
39 Nike Mercurial Vapor IX FG
40 Adidas Mirosar 10

Its Messi 2015 legendary boot it's the best sorry but its not on #1 BECAUSE I JUST PUT IT IN THE list late

41 Adidas Predator Instinct
42 Adidas Messi 15.3

It is very comfortable and durable and gets the most stars in all the reasons

Adidas Messi 15.3 is the best shoe in the universe.

43 Lotto Zhero Evolution Twist N Go

Comfortable, dynamic and easy to maintain. These boots offer a unique Twist and go stud at the front which assists with on the spot pivoting and lessens the chance of injury.

44 Lotto Futsal Liga ID

This creative, colourful ID boot is designed to maximise comfort and durability. Coming in a eye catching cyan blue.

45 Puma Evo Speed 1

Superstars were these boots they easy to run in

Light, speed and super soft and comfortable

These boots are wore by superstars

46 Nike GS

Totally awesome and eco friendly boots they are the best

47 Adidas F50 Adizero miCoach

Micoach is great, so are the cleats.

With micoach they are even better😊

48 Adidas 11pro Adizero

Adding 90 minutes of classy play

49 Adidas F10
50 Warrior Skreamer S-Lite
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