Best Soccer Teams On Balkan

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1 Red Star Belgrade (Crvena Zvezda Beograd)

Winner of 1990/1991 CHAMPIONS LEAGUE( in that time UEFA CHAMPIONS CUP)
1991 WORLD BEST CLUB( Red Star3:0 Colo Colo
Best Club in Serbia.
Best & craziest fans in whole world DELIJE SEVER

Best team in the Europe and the world

RED STAR! Delije - the best fans in the world.

Darko Pancev-Goldent Boot
UEFA winers
Well knowes in Yugoslavia everybody is a fan of Crvena Zvezda

2 Olympiakos Piraeus

Olympiacos best team in the Balkans it is on the 50 top teams of Europe!

Best team in Greece.
Their fans are in community with Red Star Bgd fans

With Delije the best fans in Balkan!

Today Olympiacos is the best team,second is crvena and third is partizan

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3 Dinamo Zagreb

Have made the most profitable transfers from HOME grown players in the last couple seasons. Also they have consistently qualified for European competitions in the last few seasons. This is remarkable considering the lack of quality opposition they play week in week out at home. Even Igor Biscan, former Liverpool FC player noted that if Dinamo played in a stronger domestic league than they could have easily qualified for the champions league in their previous attempts.

Are the best Croatian club. They beat arsenal 2:1

Great Team, they always make it to the UEFA Champions leauge! Currently better than Partizan and Red Star for sure! Should be second!

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4 Partizan Belgrade

Partizan Belgrade played European Cup finals against Real Madrid in 1966. Recently, played Champions League 2 times and Europa league several times. So far 26 domestic champions titles. Devoted and passionate fans. Truly big club.

The club with most devoted fans and passion for the game

Partizan si the 2 best club on balkan

Partizan is big football club, so far has played European cup finals in 1966., has played two times played Champions League in new format, and has been national champions 27 times.

Partizan fans are absolutely one of the most devoted and one of the most popular fans in the world. Atmosphere they make at derbies with Red Star is always frenetic.

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5 Hajduk Split

Should be 1st place, they have the best fans and the stadium is better than the fans

Is the best Croatian club. Best derby is hajduk split vs dinamo zagreb.

6 Panathinaikos Athens

Has reached cl final once and semi-final twice, objectively it is one of the besy clubs in Europe thus the best in balkans!

Is the most popular team in europe from balcans because he had played in a cl final and two times in semifinal.

He has reach the champons league final! And he has beat ajax and Barcelona

7 Steaua București

Best Team in central&Eastern Europe

Steaua is to low on this top. I mean,
It's the first champion of Europe from est and south.
It's the team that brouth you the smell of Europen succes.
It's the team that still has a chance against teams like ajax, chelsea or sevilia.
It's the team that still creates records in Europe (fastest hatrick, best qualifocation rate in groups and it's still growng).

Red star belgrad on the first place?
Red star belgrad was defeated in bouth legs of the first round of qualifications in europa league this year by so no-namers... An the are on first position... Lame top

8 PAOK Saloniki

Best team in Greece with the best fans in the world


9 CSKA Sofia

I don't support levski sofia nor CSKA but I thunk they deserve to be number 1.

CSKA Sofia is the best team in Bulgaria and had two semi-finals in Europe Champions league, then KESH. CSKA Sofia defeated Liverpool, Ajax and Notingam Forest when they were at it's best and CSKA alway gave the world one of the best Bulgaian football players such as Stoichkov, Berbatov, Lechkov, Kostadinov, Trifon Ivanov, Martin Petrov, Stilyan Petrov, Petar Zhekov and many others. This club definitely deserves to be at least from one of the top list in this classification to the Best Balkan Team. It has won 31 times the Bulgarian Football Championship more than any other club in our country and even now when it has difficulties in money, we, it's fans still support and love our mighty club CSKA Sofia

10 NK Maribor

Best club from former Yugoslavia in recent years.

Good club, once time they where in Champions league they surprise very big clubs like Lyon, Villarreal, Glasgow Rangers, Panathinaikos, etc. Comes from Slovenia second largest city about 100.000 inhibitants. The last years football grow and they make very good players and transfers like the Josip Iličić to Palermo (now Fiorentina), Armin Bačinović-Palermo, Siniša Andjelković-Palermo, Etien Velikonja-Cardiff City, Robert Berič-Sturm Graz, etc. The sport director is the very famous ex. Slovenian player Zlatko Zahovič who play for Partizan, Porto, Olympiacos, Benfica, Valencia.

The Contenders

11 HNK Rijeka
12 KF Skënderbeu Korçë

Future is come


Super club

Its one of the best teams on balkans these years.They played in europa league in 2015-16.and they beat sporting lisbon 3-0 in the groups.uefa expelled them fo 1 year of all european games.they are back this year and they will go to europa league group stage for sure now.

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13 PFC Ludogorets Razgrad

As you see they are the most progressing team in Europe and has defeated most of the teams on the list.

Best team on the Balkans nowadays.

Number 1 in the balcans

14 PFC Levski Sofia

The best club in bulgaria

15 FK Zejleznicar

Aris is the best club in Greece. They are based in Saloniki, Greece's second largest city.

17 FK Partizani Tirane

15 times champions in Albania 1 time winner of Balkan cup

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18 Botev Plovdiv
19 KF Tirana
20 A.E.K. Athens
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2. Red Star Belgrade (Crvena Zvezda Beograd)
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