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21 Playpen
22 Ghost Town Blues
23 Indulgence
24 She's a Knockout
25 1945.0
26 Sometimes I Do
27 Far Behind

Many good SD songs in the top tier but Far Behind needs to move way up on the list! Mike Ness at his best! - SociallyxxDistorted

We all know someone like this. Great lyrics and even better riffs

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28 Let It Be Me

I Love every single one of Social Distortion's songs, something about let it be me is above the rest for me. I find myself repeatedly playing this song on my guitar, repeatedly listening to it on the phone when I ride the bus or the train. funny enough, this song's got the simplest of patterns, only two chords with the same progression for the entire song, verse and chorus, but tight timing for all the instruments, the guitar sound never sounded better, the bass is doing it's work perfectly, the lyrics are deep but catchy, the singing is top notch especially in the end where mike ness reaches his highest notes, and the guitar solo is a perfect combination of hard rock and blues, the best solo mike has ever done in my opinion. this song is the perfect image for social d. the rhythm and heaviness of punk rock with melodies of country and blues thrown in and it feels so right. - - AvivDavidSD

29 Born to Lose
30 King of Fools
31 Don't Take Me for Granted

Why you can forget this first best song os SD?

32 Bye Bye Baby
33 Writing On the Wall
34 Still Alive

Found this song years ago. At just the right time.

35 California (Hustle and Flow)

Great traffik jam... Laugh out loud

36 Round and Round She Goes
37 Road Zombie
38 Gimme the Sweet and Lowdown
39 Diamond In the Rough
40 Telling Them
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