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21 Deviant Art

Worst, website, ever, created. My so called "friend" does all kinds of bad crap on there. She's 13 and had a fight with a 9 year old, swears at people, draws crap that's a complete waste of time, then at school she tells me my drawings aren't good enough, although they're better than hers. He tried to get me on this website and I said no, duuuh.

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22 Facetime
23 Bebo V 1 Comment
24 Ranker
25 Zucano V 1 Comment
26 VK V 1 Comment
28 Quora

Quora can't really be classified as 'social media' in the modern sense, which is actually a very good thing, as mainstream social media is really quite pointless, made for the stupid masses of society. Quora, on the other hand, is a excellent website used for very interesting and sophisticated discussions of a variety of topics. The many different insights and world views that you can read about on quora is really quite interesting. It is far use of time to be increasing your knowledge of your particular interests, and indeed, the whole world in general on quora, then to waste it on stupid and pointless social media websites.

29 Google Hangouts
30 20lines
31 Verpri
32 Tagged
33 Imgur
34 YouNow

This is actually becoming the best site on social media, better than Twitter, Facebook and even the now-perverted YouTube.

35 Eyegroove
36 Pump Up
37 qmpeople
38 The Red Room

Very nice place for children to browse

39 Stumble Upon
40 Twitch
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