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21 TheTopTens TheTopTens TheTopTens is a website created in 2005, which is used to write top ten lists, where anyone can vote, comment, and write posts about the lists.

This is kind of a social network site. Maybe not in the most traditional sense, but it is dedicated to people who just want to get there opinion out there about stuff they love, and seeing how there opinions stand up against the publics opinions. - LandonLaFond

This isn't a social networking site..

It's the reason we're all here! - Catacorn

The worst ever, the vast majority of people on here r idiots

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22 Pinterest

Good and beautiful stuffs colleted from web.

Pinterest deserves to be way higher!



This is stupid - Nayan2003

24 MeetMe

It is website with a lot of options. You can use it as social network, but if you want you can use it as a dating site also!

26 Omegle

It is for people that r to scared to go on porn.

27 Classmates
28 Foursquare
29 VK

Great. You can listen music, upload images, videos, music and more in comments. Add videos and instal them!

30 Hi5

The site has the greatest applications, you can share your status and you can make a profile that almost looks professional with incredible skins - MatrixGuy

an incredible me-media with registered users of 98 million users, second to MySpace! - hatcher234

31 Skyrock
32 Ning
33 Tagged

I can't believe Tagged is only #23, Tagged is a great website to catch up with old friends AND make new ones too! I love going on there, though recently they have made some changes that make it harder to use

another me-media popular mainly in US and still gaining popularity in the entire world! gaining over 30 million users! - hatcher234

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34 Flixster

Movies, an incredible 36 million users! - hatcher234

35 Zippcast

I love the site! Great channel set ups You can design your own channel with many different variations There are some great looking channels there and I love the atmosphere. Its friendly, unlike some of the other sites which are similar but seem to be over run by trolls and spammers or ads like on Googletube! The content is growing bigger everyday I think the site is going to be the very best in a short time Zippcast rocks!

I like Zippcast a lot. There are too many trolls on other sites. Zippcast has great channel themes you can customise with flashy banners and backgrounds. For a site that is brand new is functions quite well with few glitches and the site team responds quickly to any bugs that need tweeking. I love Zippcast!

Best new site on the web. I love it. Its small but the content is growing everyday and the members list is too. Gif BGs and banners! Friendly troll free social networking with better hack free security than sites like Upload Society. This site is fast turning into the hottest fastest growing video and social sh=haring sites on the webz! Come everybody and take a look and open up and account its fast safe and friendly Zippcast... BE SEEN!

36 WhatsApp
37 LifeJournal
38 deviantART deviantART

DeviantART is by far the best! Whatever your interests there's art and you can post whatever you want!

This isn't a social media website but there are arts that aren't for kids.

It would be a nicer site if it didn't have nauseating adventure time fanart!

I have a couple of internet friens on deviantart,they uploaded good cartoon fanart and animal photos...unfortunately there are also many pseudo adventure time fans who ruin that show with their "fanart" and comments!

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39 WWE Universe

Screw this app and every cringy video made on it. Worst social media ever. - UltimateCraig

Worst Ever!

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