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Dr. Pepper Dr. Pepper Product Image

Unlike Coca Cola, Mountain Dew, Pepsi, and Sprite, Dr. Pepper is actually sweet and has a lot of flavors. In fact, it is even healthier than most other soda's. This is a combo that no one can refuse. It is so much better than Coca Cola, and if you do not like it, then get a life.

I go back and fourth between this and Coke but I think over all Dr. Pepper is the best. Coke I think is a bit better if it is super strong but other then that I think the taste that Dr. Pepper has.

I would pick coke but dr. Pepper is the smarter choice. It stays in the area of cola, but unique. Love it! Also, coke is way better than Pepsi.

My favorite pop. I love it because its flavor is the perfect mix of sweet and a little spice. I love it more than any other pop. Do people really call pop soda?

Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Product Image

A huge as hell variety! The perfect flavors if you mix the right ones

My favorite. Even My Parents, My Family, My Boy Friend Calls Me Coke

I am a coke girl. I like coca cola over a trillion times better than pepsi

soda that goes tangy then sweet and u gulp down with a rush of relif amazing

Mountain Dew Mountain Dew Product Image

Mountain Dew is amazing. Beyond its rush of lemon lime flavor that's wickedly twisted to perfection and sends that bolt of freshness and energy screaming through your body... Its perfect for gaming... you can count on it for keeping you alert through the night. I always have my 12 pack ready for those brand new games. Though, your friends may think you're a bit crazy for it, I remember every party I HAD to have Mountain Dew, otherwise it just wasn't the same. Probably not the greatest thing for your teeth... But you know, come on what soda is right? I drink it every single day and it keeps me energized just fine. But god the rush it gives you with that caffine is bar insane, but if you're like me and don't like coffee or energy drinks, the dew is where its at. Coke is overrated in my opinion and Dr Pepper... Its way too fizzy. Something about it is just eh. But this drink is just, its sacred, you don't mess with someone's dew. To all the fans of the best drink out there, cheers! And ...more

Mountain Dew is the best drink ever I think if I was stranded on an island and I got to pick three things to take with me then I would pick Mountain Dew, mcdonalds fries, and more Mountain Dew. I think everyone in the world should be able to try it because I know they would all love it. I think Mountain Dew should be the number one choice instead of Dr. Pepper. I don't even like Dr. Pepper I mean I would drink it but it is definitely not my favorite soda. If I had one wish I would wish to own a Mountain Dew world park except I am the only one aloud in after all I am the owner. Mountain Dew is the best.

HUGE VARIETY. Plus- Be more chill had a great rep because of the mountain dew

This needs to be number one! Coca Cola tastes weird so I choose this instead. Dr Pepper tastes like cough syrup. Pepsi is the same as Coca Cola, this is my favorite

Pepsi Pepsi Product Image

Pepsi is the new United States soda I believe. It has perfect sweetness and flavor. You just can't say no to Pepsi. It is clearly the best soda of all time. I truly love it.

I love this soda so much I'm actually drinking it right now. In my opinion it is better than Coke.

When I get acid reflux and heartburn, Pepsi actually really helps. And also it tastes sweeter, doesn't hurt my throat as much as coke, and puts me to sleep easily.
I know, I'm weird, ya don't have to tell me.

Just the right sweetness. It's like a better version of Coca Cola.

Sprite Sprite Product Image

Who couldn't love the lemony lime taste so refreshing couldn't drink anything else without it being a bit awkward! I<3 SPRITE

Lemon lime is just one of the most classic flavor combos and you'd be crazy not to like sprite.

This is better than all the soda brands on this list and I mean all

When you want a beverage that tastes like more than caramel-colored high-fructose corn syrup...

A&W Root Beer A&W Root Beer Product Image

Root beer is my BFFL! When I go out to eat me and ALL my friends get root beer. The one's who can't drink soda always sneak a taste of ours! We turn our nose up at everything else when root beer is in the picture. Only the weirdos don't like root beer!

I used to be a soda fanatic. Pepsi was my favourite, but ever since I was 14, this is the only soda I like anymore while I grew a distaste for the rest.

I think root beer should be first because it's so much better then dr pepper or coca cola

AWESOMENESS. Root beer is so good and all of my friends love it. The taste is just so much better than all of the rest. Root beer is amazing, everybody should love it!

Fanta Orange Fanta Orange Product Image

It's orange man, you love that citrus in your mouth, swishing it around, it's damn the awesomest drink you'll ever drink.

Fantas lush and make a variety of flavours and is the nicest drink to have in the summer

Fanta is decaffeinated, but also gives the same rush. Its flavour is amazing and you have to agree, and because the rush and crash effect comes from sugar, you won't get what I like to call Mountain Dew Syndrome, where somebody drinks Mountain Dew while playing games and ends up getting withdrawal symptoms. This is common with Mountain Dew because it's the Gamer Drink of the century... Ugh. Drink Fanta. No withdrawal! No terrible aftereffect other than a minor crash which can be solved with some ice water, just like with other sodas.

Orange soda makes me travel to a land of oranges!
I LOVE how my tongue tingles when I look at it and I just want more!

7UP 7UP Product Image

Has a different taste than the competitors such as Sprite, Sierra Mist, and Squirt.. It's refreshing and it's my secret to my fruit punch. Others have tried to duplicate by putting in Sprite (not knowing that I only use 7UP) and it just doesn't come out with the same taste. Not to mention it's Caffeine-free, which means if your really thirsty it will quench your thirst, not make you even more thirstier.. That's one of the drawbacks with a lot of the dark colored sodas, they can dehydrate you. Caffeine, is also considered an alkaloid drug.. Which means if you drink 7UP rather than other sodas that do have Caffeine you won't experience "Caffeine Withdrawals" such as headaches, nausea and vomiting! Do your do 7UP your delicious!

The taste is perfect when your sweaty. Really refreshing

Much more stronger than Sprite!

7up is awesome. I tried some Sprite to compare and was shocked by how awful it tasted (just bottled though. I still like fountain Sprite).

A&W Cream Soda A&W Cream Soda Product Image

cream soda is the best out of all of these this is my favorite soda ever no doubt

It's really good and less artifical than other sodas (Mountain Dew)

This cream soda ties with IBC cream soda. This one melts in your mouth more. By far my favorite soda

It is better than root beer because it has more flavor to it and it taster a lot better than most soda tastes it also helps when you feel sick or have a tummy ache I think it tastes good because of those reasons my family drinks it and it makes a good vanilla float

Barq's Root Beer Barq's Root Beer Product Image

Root Beer is Delicious I think it should be number one. Please vote for Root Beer More People or else you will make me very upset. PLEASE VOTE ROOT BEER PEOPLE!

Mountain dew sucks. It's disgusting. I surveyed 30 people for mountain dew or root beer and 29 people voted root beer over mountain dew and the age was different. I did not ask the same person twice and I agree that root beer is better than mountain dew as well so that makes it 30 against 1.

Barq's root beer might be my favorite soda EVER. I like the other brands, but Barq's is my favorite. It's even better when you have ice that's like, half melted beforehand, and then you can just chew on it while you drink your root beer... I know I'm weird.

this is the best soda it nearly goes with everything (oh wait it does! )

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Canada Dry Ginger Ale Canada Dry Ginger Ale Product Image

If I had a choice between Canada Dry and any other soda I would pick Canada Dry

The best Ginger ale I've ever tasted!

You can really drink it any time. Does not make you super hyper or any thing, just adds a bit of life in your. Personality, not as bad for your teeth; not good either. I prefer Canada dry.

One of my favorites to me it is a comfort drink I can just relax when drinking this

Coca-Cola Cherry Coca-Cola Cherry Product Image

The most genius coke product out there! Overall amazing taste! In my mind, no other soda can compete with the awesomeness that Cherry Coke beholds!

Cherry coke is the patrician of all drinks. It tastes so amazing that I always get it at restaurants.

Coca Cola is very good but Coca Cola cherry is far better and taste's great. With the extra cherry and amazing flavor, this soda should be number one. In fact I'm actually drinking Coca Cola cherry now.!

Tastes so nice and refreshing!
Better than the regular coke!

Crush Orange Crush Orange Product Image

So popular, even the Denver Broncos defense in the 1970s was called the Orange Crush Defense.

Crush is my favorite soda. It should be beating Coke, but some people haven't tried Crush, or any other soda other than Coke. They're so attached to Coke that they think all the other sodas sucks. Coke is the most boring soda I've ever tried.

Ever since Pepsi has been making Crush, it has replaced Tropicana Twister in stores, which I really like because Tropicana is too sweet. Crush has a good balance between sweetness and actual fruit flavor. Now the only thing left for Pepsi to do is to buy Crush from Dr. Pepper so they can have Crush in ALL Pepsi restaurants. Pepsi being hard to find in restaurants is hard enough, but Crush is extremely hard to find in soda fountains, especially outside WabaGrill.

Vote for Crush or crush will crush you the flavoured goodness is limitless

Coca-Cola Vanilla Coca-Cola Vanilla Product Image

Awesome taste, and it's rare. It makes it more enjoyable once you get your hands on on.

Can you go wrong with Vanilla Coke?

Very very very very good!

The best type of Coca Cola! Absolutely delicious, just that small twist of vanilla is so refreshing!

Sunkist Orange Sunkist Orange Product Image

How can you go wrong with AWESOME orange soda?
The yumminess is made out of heaven.
Love love love love love orange soda!

Who loves orange soda? I love orange soda. Do. Mm-hmm I do I do I do-oo

The orangeness it's made out of was kissed by the sun, yet refreshingly cool and liquidy, UNlike the sun.

It is only drink which fruit drink and tasty and even many flavors too! How can I refuse this attractive drinks!

Pibb Xtra Pibb Xtra Product Image

I would say Dr Pepper but if you take pepper and pibb to a blindfold test, like my family did last thanksgiving with 23 family members participating everyone having two 8 ounce cups of the spicy cherry soda and then breaking them down into 3 categories to be judged in. One was the carbonation, the other a mouth swishing and spit, then last but least being actually drinking. So out of 23 people Mr Pibb won by a landslide in all 3 catorgies all together 4 out of the 23 selected Dr Pepper. It was so one sided that family members wanted to try it again on Christmas Eve being they said the Dr Pepper wasent at the right temperature, so once again 23 judges but this time Mr Pibb took another one sided win with only in there backing Dr Pepper. Final verdict was that Mr Pibb had more of a spicy cherry bite and a much more carbonated soda like a soda should be, and Dr Pepper had a much weaker flavor as well as the fact of it seeming very flat. So my choice and the choice of my family is Mr Pibb ...more

Pibb xtra took over its original formula and its intention was to compete with dr. Pepper. My opinion is it blow it out of the water its like a punch in the face with its spice and it has the carbonation like you get from pepsi that kind of burns your mouth yet its smooth and its addicting.

This soda is undoubtedly the greatest ever made. It describes itself as "Spicy Cherry Soda" which I do very well believe, in fact I believe that it does have a sort of reminiscent flavor of Maraschino Cherry juice, yet of course with much more fizz, and a much more distinct flavor. The only problem with Pibb is that it is under appreciated, as well as under marketed, as I'm sure most will have noticed considering that I have yet to see a single Pibb commercial.

Pibb is the best. I just wish they made a Pibb zero for those of us who are realizing that some of the diet drinks (aka diet Dr Pepper) are really pretty awesome.

Pepsi Wild Cherry Pepsi Wild Cherry Product Image

I drank Pepsi a lot as a young child. Once I had a cup of this, I refused to go back to regular Pepsi. Clear until now (and this still applies) I would NOT drink regular Pepsi. I will only drink the cherry kind. If my mom accidentally buys the normal kind, I'll just add cherry syrup. I WILL NOT DRINK REGULAR PEPSI.

Very nice however it is remake of coke cherry so no I would rather drink a coke but still cool flavours

I can't believe the best soda ever is not on this list!

The rest suck. This one deserves to be number one.

Mountain Dew Code Red Mountain Dew Code Red Product Image

Best by far, I love its sweet but yet almost crispy clean taste you won't find another soda that's better!

The cherry flavoring in the mountain dew was very needed. It taste like mountain was kicked in the @$$ by cherries.

Best thing the flavor line has ever done, should be in the top 5, at #1.

Code Red is definitely the greatest drink out there and deserves the number one spot. I am insanely addicted to it and drink 1 every day.

Mug Root Beer Mug Root Beer Product Image

Other sodas are good but Mug Root Beer is THE BEST it was the first soda I ever had and it is still my favorite

I like mug root beer because it's so creamy, it has areally good taste. It really should be number 1 because it is just blows your mind off!
Root beer is my favorite

Has there everr been a soda that could pull off whip cream not that I no of root beer all the way at least top ten

Mug is the best root beer it makes all the others look like child's play

Mountain Dew Voltage Mountain Dew Voltage Product Image

Mountain Dew Voltage should be the best soda

Mountain Dew voltage beats all sodas!

It is awesome even though it is barely better than original and other mountain dew 's I prefer it over overrated sodas like coke and pepsi

Mountain Dew Voltage is a great soda pop. My kids and I use to drink it by the Liter! Great quality, taste, and color. Enjoyable and YUMMY! This is the best soda ever.

Bad Parenting Your kids should not be drinking Mountain Dew? How old are they

Mountain Dew Baja Blast Mountain Dew Baja Blast Product Image

A limited time drink except at Taco Bell. PepsiCo should really make this a year-round drink.

As I was going through the list agreeing and disagreeing I stumbled upon Baja blast, the rest is history.

This is the best soda that ever existed! It's so sad I can only get it at Taco Bell :( It makes regular mountain dew look like a fool. The flavors to too amazing to explain!

Amazing drink love it with taco's

Welch's Grape Soda

Tastes like grapes, I like grapes, so you know, why not?

So good. Second favourite after Coke. We need this in the UK more often! Doesn't taste anything like normal grapes, but it has that sweet sugary artificial grape flavour from our childhood that none of us will forget. Try it if you haven't already! You're missing out on so much!

My Best friend and I are addicted to this! I once drank 12 cans in like 2 or 3 hours!

An American classic. Horrible for you though, probably one of the worst. I was close to voting for Mountain Dew voltage.

Sierra Mist Sierra Mist Product Image

It is epic there is nothing not to like about it. Simply stated it tastes like heaven. It is my favorite soda. Its flipping ridiculous how good this soda is. I love it I can't even stop drinking it.

This should be beating Sprite (obviously) and 7-UP. This is the greatest lemon-lime soda of all time! It tastes like sparkling lemonade. This should be first place, in front of Crush.

No artificial flavors, no high fructose syrup, and all natural! Great alternative to Sprite.

The crispness is second to none. A freezing cold sierra mist is one of my dimple pleasures.

Coke Zero

The true' diet' coke.. Has same basic formula.. Most people have no idea diet coke is not the diet version of coca cola.. It was the basis of new coke the failed drink in the 80's.. They use the coke name to make billions so I don't blame them but coke zero is my favorite and its time people realize the real difference between coke zero and diet coke or so its called

It's now called Coca-Cola Zero Sugar but I get the picture and my mother and I still like it though.

Not as sweet as other regular colas, but no medicine-like after-taste of other diet colas. Coke Zero is the perfect balance between the syrupy-sweetness of regular soft drinks and the zero calorie benefit of diet sodas.

Tastes better than all other Coke flavours including regular Coke! It just does! Should be number one.

RC Cola RC Cola Product Image

I saw it in Walmart and Food Lion, then I'm like "I'll try some" and it is pretty good!

It is my favorite soda. It is very underrated!

Drink Royal Crown, it's good!

Drinking it while I type rc is the best soda

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