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1 Dr. Pepper Dr. Pepper

Proof dr pepper is linked memory loss: I was at a party drinking root beer. My friend went up to use the bathroom and left his doctor pepper. Remembering the sweetness and refreshing taste of the dr pepper I had yesterday, I grabbed his, forgetting it was his and thinking it was mine, and drank it! THAT IS HOW MUCH PEOPLE SHOULD LOVE DR PEPPER! DR PEPPER FOREVER!

Dr. Pepper is the best soda ever! I can't live without my Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper is good for your soul and you can't deny the fact the Dr. Pepper is way better then all the other sodas on this list? Dr. Pepper forever!

Almost everything is wrong with this comment, that's not even a fact. I like Dr. Pepper and all, but none of this is true - noo7na7

23 flavours of pure goodness! The first soda ever created, it out stands all the other BY FAR. The goodness you get when all the flavours mix together in your mouth, creating the perfect amount of sweetness, without going over the top like Pepsi.

Dr. pepper rules

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2 Coke

Coke is best out of all of these soda listed here.
I'm not sure what these people are thinking not drinking coke!
This coca cola is the original drink invented on my opinion!

It's refreshing, sweet, delicious with anything and the go-to soda for almost everyone. I grew up drinking it, and every time those sweet bubbles hit my tongue, it reminds me of childhood movie nights and hot summers spent playing outside with my friends. It is, in my opinion, the best soda out there.

Coke is the father of all soda pops, and its so delicious, I want it in my stocking for christmas - theTwister


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3 Mountain Dew

It should come as no surprise that Mountain Dew is voted so far the 2nd best flavor of soda, for it is so unique in its rich, savory taste that no other soda comes close. Dr Pepper is coarse in comparison, and leaves your throat with an obnoxious itch. Mountain Dew runs down smoothly, and with a delicate fizzy finish that leaves you yearning for another swig. Dr Pepper is such a strong drink that it leaves little room for a fruity punctuation. Mountain Dew's award winning taste is so easily augmented by different fruit juice blends that it easily has the greatest assortment of flavors of any soda there is. I am proud to say that I do the dew, and you should too!

Mountain dew is a great drink for everyone! It's good for the soul man!

It is great because it is very refreshing and has many flavours my favourite being voltage and the diet is not bad either one of the only diet pops I can drink and enjoy and they made most of the flavours available where I live in canada now

Mountain Dew isn't an energizer for whoever said it. It's a soda. Even though it can keep you awake when you are sleepy all of a sudden but it is not an energizer. And the taste is really good. Mountain Dew > Pepsi >>> Coca Cola.

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4 Root Beer

Root beer is my BFFL! When I go out to eat me and ALL my friends get root beer. The one's who can't drink soda always sneak a taste of ours! We turn our nose up at everything else when root beer is in the picture. Only the weirdos don't like root beer!

AWESOMENESS. Root beer is so good and all of my friends love it. The taste is just so much better than all of the rest. Root beer is amazing, everybody should love it!

Root Beer is AWESOME, its BEAST! It is way better than all the other sodas above it. You definitely should put ROOT BEER as Number 1 and one alone. Me and my friends no matter what always pick Root Beer there is NO CONTEST between Root Beer and Dr. Pepper Root Beer kicks Dr. Peppers Butt. It beats dr. Pepper to a pulp, no wait correction, not a pulp it beats dr. Pepper to disinagration. Who ever made this list must have an IQ Level Less than NEGATIVE-1000(A thousand times less than ZERO) to put DR. Pepper as number 1 and ROOT BEER as number 4. ROOT BEER RULLE'SS. Dr. Pepper drools

The greatest. Just absolutely a masterpiece

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5 Sprite

Me my bro and I know a lot of people that if you hold out a can of cold sprite we just grab it

Mountain doo tastes horrific compared to this heaven on earth. Dr. Pepper? Forget it! Give me the best soda!

Sprite is amazing. Only soda I would drink. Coke, Pepsi, and all those other dark sodas just end up making my teeth look yellowish. Not sprite though.

To be honest I like sprite more than all the other sodas. This is just my opinion but I don't understand how people think coke, Pepsi, Dr Pepper is so good. It's okay not the best. Mostly when I'm at a restaurant I order sprite

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6 Cream Soda

It is better than root beer because it has more flavor to it and it taster a lot better than most soda tastes it also helps when you feel sick or have a tummy ache I think it tastes good because of those reasons my family drinks it and it makes a good vanilla float


That delicious, clear caramel and vanilla taste is undoubtedly the best thing provided to the human race. It is in my opinion that the person who has kindly created this soda should be held in the same regard as men like George Washington, Ryan Gosling, or Ricky Bobby.

It is very creamy and has a smooth tingly finish I get this where ever I go. It has a sweet awesome taste that is very good for the soul and mind. I drink it when ever I can and where ever I go.

I hate you guys unsubscribe HOW IS CREAM SODA NOT FIRST!?!?

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7 Pepsi Pepsi PepsiCo Inc. is an American multinational food, snack and beverage corporation headquartered in Purchase, New York, United States, with interests in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of grain-based snack foods, beverages, and other products.

Pepsi is my favorite soda. It's the only cola I will drink. It's sweet, bubbly, and just plain good. I enjoy it with fried foods such as chicken or fish, pulled pork, hamburgers/turkey burgers, pizza, steak, the list goes on...

Pepsi is the best bye far.. Awesome taste..

Pepsi is the nectar of the Gods, you'll have your friends saying "ahh".

Not too fizzy and perfect sweet taste

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8 Orange Soda

Orange soda makes me travel to a land of oranges!
I LOVE how my tongue tingles when I look at it and I just want more!

Obviously orange soda is the best soda in the world so I don't know why I didn't see it at the very top of this list. I love orange soda so much that right now I'm sitting on the couch with a bottle of it right next to me!

Oh Orange Soda -- it's the most wonderful thing I can think of! Who doesn't love a sweet glass of orange soda -- combined with cream soda, its unstoppable! I love every single drop of it!

Okay, this should really be higher up on this list. It's a great flavor, plus It's made from a great fruit. - Vic21102

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9 Grape Soda

Tastes like grapes, I like grapes, so you know, why not?

My Best friend and I are addicted to this! I once drank 12 cans in like 2 or 3 hours!

It's delicious, it's fizzy, and it's purple. What's not to like?

Very popular with negro's.

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10 Pink Lemonade

It's a classic! Its very sweet and refreshing and healthier than carbonated drinks! Everyone lives pink lemonade! So why don't you try it?

I love pink lemonade and all, but this should be removed. Pink lemonade is not a soda!

Pink lemonade is my favorite flavor. Did you know they make very good ice pops

This is a lemonade, why is this in the soda category?

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11 7-Up

It is amazing with a sweat after taste

It's the best drink ever

It's an up thing, make 7-up yours!

7 up all dai... How can this not be 2nd or 3rd... One of the best sodas ever. 7 up gang. Also is the best lemon lime soda... Off of sprite, dew and mist

12 Cherry Coke

Very delicious, if you didnt, try it now! :)) - IceCream

I love the taste of the cherries in drink and the fruit.

It awesome but so expensive as I live in Australia. I'm an addict! I absolutley love it. It tastes like my two favourite things cherry and coke so it's a must for me! In fact I might go out and buy some now!

Perfect drink it's so good and if you don't like it then you are a dumb bunny because this drink is awemazing

13 Mello Yello Mello Yello

Mello Yello is the best! I remember a few years ago when I was like 10 I would always drink it. It's the best! I am actually drinking it right know!

Very refreshing love mellow yellow!

It is awesome

People say Mountain Dew and Doritos are the best and oh so MLG.

in my opinion, Mello Yello and Cheetos Hot Puffs are where it's at.

14 Mr. Pibb

This soda is undoubtedly the greatest ever made. It describes itself as "Spicy Cherry Soda" which I do very well believe, in fact I believe that it does have a sort of reminiscent flavor of Maraschino Cherry juice, yet of course with much more fizz, and a much more distinct flavor. The only problem with Pibb is that it is under appreciated, as well as under marketed, as I'm sure most will have noticed considering that I have yet to see a single Pibb commercial.

Yes! I fell in love with this soda when I was five years old at my dad's hockey match, I went and got it from a vending machine and I couldn't get over how spectacular it was, and today I still can't get over what a remarkable soda that it is.

Easily the best soda ever made, I drink a 2 liter a day, everyday.

Never heard of it

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15 Orange Fanta

How can you not love something this good I mean it's like I just entered heaven if I could I would drink this my whole entire life I don't care if I become obese I will always love this drink I mean when I go out to eat I will always get this drink unless it's not there I would get mtn dew

Mmm. Orange Fanta! Walking into a Nathan's, ordering an Orange Fanta, and sipping the whole cup. The best soda ever.

Orange fanta rocks peeps

My favorite!

16 Ginger Ale

I love the fizz, it's so eye watering

Mmm Canada Dry. Although I'm an American, I do appreciate this fine creation our neighboring country has offered us!

I love Gingerale! It taste like sprite but a little less good. - Alpha101


17 Fresca

Fresca is great no sugar great grapefruit flavor

A pop which is not TO sweet to the taste

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18 Mountain Dew Baja Blast

Best ever only available at taco bell where I live though

My favorite! Made better due to the challenge of getting it.

This is the best pop ever!

It taste good:-)

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19 Lucozade

I love the melon lucozade!

Best drink from Ireland

Really good

20 Dad's Root Beer

This is soda flavors, not a specific brand of a flavor ding dong. Root Beer is already listed above!

Very good love it yummy

Best ever

My dad has never made me root beer :(

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