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21 Sierra Mist
22 Red Fanta

I guess this means cherry Fanta

23 Pepsi Max

Dude Pepsi Max is a no callorie soda, but it hold up flavor to all other Cola tastes... If you want a punch and avoid calories drink a MAX!

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24 Fanta Orange
25 RC Cola V 1 Comment
26 Diet Dr. Pepper

You get the best of both worlds! A truly agnostic soda

27 Birch Beer

Birch beer is the best all I drank back east only reason I think it didn't make top ten is its not even sold on west coast so many people don't know what it is definitely puts root beer to shame

28 Izze Sparkling Peach
29 Black cherry

One of my favorites very good, like dark cherries very smooth and not terribly sweet

This soda is awesome!

30 Fanta Fruit Twist
31 Vanilla Pepsi

You're the real MVP if you drink this

32 Seagram's Ginger Ale

The best in the world an one word dam good

33 Big Red

Big Red is made in Waco TX by RC Cola & is sold only in the southwest, the south, parts of the Midwest that reaches mid Ohio.
It is red in color (obviously) & tastes like a sharp version of cream soda. The carbonation has a satisfying nostril burning belch factor.
Even the most prim & proper cannot forgo a big red belch.

It has no relation to the cinnamon flavored chewing gum with the same name.
People in the north & New England area in particular think it tastes like a carbonated bubblegum soda. It is really sweet.
If you grew up around it, you swear by it.

34 Cherry 7-Up

Blows away the citrus sodas, the colas and the fruit sodas. Only serious competitors are Dr Pepper and Pibb Xtra.

Actually has cherry tastes, unlike Coke Cherry which barely tastes of anything.

35 Sunkist Orange
36 Brisk Iced Tea
37 Vanilla Coke

How could people not vote vanilla coke!? It's far better than Dr. Pepper which has a weird after taste and it's obviously higher than 3 if it has level 3's status just added flavor!

The best coke variant by far. To bad you can't buy it in Canada. I think I'll start a petition.

Whoever voted for Diet Coke has not tried it... Its horrible

Yes, coke float in a can!

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38 Rock Shandy

Did every person forgot how nice club orange amd club lemon nice are and having them both in one can!

39 Coke Zero
40 Solo - Lemon
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