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41 Cheerwine
42 Ramune

Heard much about this one, am dying to try it.

43 Dr. Pepper 10

It's amazing! I can't live without it! Lately I've been trying coke but Dr. Pepper 10 is so much better!

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44 Cherry Root Beer

Rare but TOTALLY EPIC!, If you don't believe me than try one.
p.S. :
you can get it at steak and shake.

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45 Faygo

One of the very best sodas for flavors on the market. FAYGO: TASTE THE FLAVORS!

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46 Sun Drop

Bursting with flavor.. Nice citrus bump.. Does however becomes flat to quickly..

47 Mountain Dew Code Red

This is the intruder drill soda you should drink during a lockdown drill, so this should be number one

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48 Yoli

Yoli soda last found in the Mexican State of Guerrero is my all time favorite.

Love this stuff. Refreshing. I wish I could find it in SF Bay Area.

49 Cactus Cooler
50 Goombay Punch
51 Diet Rite
52 Irn-Bru

Best drink ever because of all the flavors I don't know how they fit 32 flavors in it but only 2 people in the world know what the secret ingredient is

53 Sioux City Sarsaparilla

Have To Be 1st Because The "ZING" Lasts Forever, and w/ 8 Differant Flavors, The Rein Of The City Of Souix Shall stand, Due To The "ARTISTIC" Desighns On It, The Glass Bottle ( The Indevidual Pacage) Is Also A Collectors' Item.

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54 Squirt

No my butts the best

The best!

55 Inca Kola
56 Canada Dry Black Cherry
57 Granny Gogo Juice
58 Sunkist Cherry Limeade
59 Crush Strawberry Soda

My best friends would die for a can of this

60 Diet Coke

I love this drink plus some of the drink are to sweet for me.

Come on, I can't stand the sugar in the normal one.

You weird diet people just forget what real stuff tastes like

It is the best soda in the world

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