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1 Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Coca-Cola is a carbonated soft drink. It is produced by The Coca-Cola Company of Atlanta, Georgia, and is often referred to simply as Coke.

I love Coca-Cola!

I love Coca-Cola! This is my favorite soda!

COCA-COLA IS THE BEST DRINK IN THE WORLD! EVERY ONE LOVES IT! Whoever disagrees are just weird people! This drink is DELICIOUS with a big fat cherry on top!

COCA-COLA RULES THE WORLD! EVERYONE SOULD GET IT! Whoever rated the "Jones" brand I disagree. It is not addicting. IT'S DELICIOUS

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2 Mountain Dew

On the mountain top I drink its DEW!

And god said... "LET THERE BE DEW! "

Mountain Dew is better than all the other pops and I have on thing to say go on YouTube and look up coke-cola supports Wisconsin rodeo

Pepsi gave God a 6 pack of pepsi. In turn, God gave them the Mountain Dew recipe.

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3 Dr. Pepper Dr. Pepper

Dr Pepper is the best and Coca-Cola is a wannabe because in 1885 Dr Pepper was established and one year later Coca-Cola was established.
Dr Pepper is the best and it has more flavors than Coca-Cola

Coke and pepsi, always arguing and killing each other. Hey, meanwhile, dr. Pepper is kicking both of their asses. It has that strong taste that most hate, but that's the thriller for us.

There really isn't any way to describe or categorize Dr. Pepper. No one "Stands By" him, like how sprite backs up coke. (Ok I don't know where I was going there. ) It's just- better.

Dr. Pepper is amazing, it is really sweet, but it's a good kind of sweetness that I like to savor.

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4 Pepsi Pepsi PepsiCo Inc. is an American multinational food, snack and beverage corporation headquartered in Purchase, New York, United States, with interests in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of grain-based snack foods, beverages, and other products.

Pepsi is so better than coke! And has a lot more of flavors than coke! So PEPSI ALL THE WAY BABY!

Amazing drink! I loves it that much I even collect pepsi bottles! Finds coke is too sweet but pepsi is just right!

Pepsi is number one HANDS DOWN. Everyone knows it is...

Pepsi yay the best

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5 Fanta

Fanta, especially orange Fanta, is my favorite soda!

Fanta is owned by coke you idiots

How is fanta not in the top tens

Who can beat its understated but flavourful bouquet

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6 Sprite

One of the few sodas without caffeine. Tastes great and isn't addictive.

Fizzy and bubbly, Cold and refreshing! My favourite pop.

Lemony lime - my favorite.

Sprite is awesome

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7 A&W Root Beer

Sense 1920 it's been the best pop it even helps with nausea my grandma love it.

Very Refreshing After A Stressful Day. Great Taste But Not As Good As The Original As I've Heard Of!

Even the diet a&w is most excellent, in my opinion

8 7 Up

It's like a better version of Sprite!

9 Irn Bru

Awesome Drink! - JangoFett3


10 Sierra Mist

No artificial flavors, no high fructose syrup, and all natural! Great alternative to Sprite.

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11 Faygo

Variety of soda pop with numerous fruit flavors, colas and root beer; distributed from factories in Michigan

Made in mi my kind of soda I love it a lot of flavors and tastes great

12 Orange Crush
13 RC Cola

It taste like coca cola just better

Best cola ever, they just dropped the ball on advertising.
Royal Crown Cola much better than Coke and Pepsi...

14 Canada Dry Ginger Ale


15 Vimto

The best ever can't mess

16 A&W Cream Soda

Awesome soda my favorite I would live in a gas station just to drink this soda its that good should be 1 and squirrel sorry get distracted easily anyways best SODA ever PEOPLE WHY YOU NO BUY CREAM SODA TROLO BYE BUT really

Awesome post man

17 Mr. Pibb

Me and my love this drink travis

This is so good you have to try it I <3 you Mr. Pibb!

-Maddisen merchant 11

18 Crush
19 Coca Cola Cherry
20 Jones

Coca Cola is addicting. The flavor is nut, and it's not very good without caffeine. Jones in just AWESOME! I drink Coca Cola more, but thats cause it's addicting. It's like a drug except not as bad. - booklover1

This should be number 1 not 9

Most underrated soda ever! Try there berry lemonade! This is good, unlike Coca Cola, which is just addicting. - booklover1

21 Sunkist Sunkist

It's The Original Crush!

22 Mist Twst
23 Mug Root Beer

Very good flavour! The best root beer. Love that creamy texture with the bubbles.

24 Blenheim Ginger Ale

Ginger ale with spice, crazy hot and makes you cough. - AlfaRomeoFan

25 Lemonsoda
26 Vernor's Ginger Ale
27 Oransoda
28 Orangina
29 Cheerwine

Much more cherry tasting than Dr.Pepper. - AlfaRomeoFan

30 Squirt
31 Barq's Root Beer
32 The Pop Shoppe

This is real soda. Time taken to make each bottle, glass bottle to better maintain taste. THUMBS UP

33 Fanta Pineapple
34 Fanta Strawberry

Its refreshing and it taste better than other flavered sodas

35 Sprecher

I drank thirty five in under 20 minutes

Sprecher ROOT BEER is the best.

I literally drank 29 bottles in one night. It also is the best soda brand according to 68 diffrent companies and rewards.

36 Big Red
37 Mountain Dew Baja Blast

The best soft drink besides water

It's a fan favorite at my favorite place to eat Taco Bell it's also at Safeway

38 Fresca

Bubbly grapefruit

39 Tropicana Twister
40 Diet Coke Cherry

I like the diet coke cherry flavor it is good

It also gives you cancer

41 IBC

It taste ten times better then any of these and is brands people not flavors

Great root beer which is my favorite soda.

42 Big Blue

Similar to Big Red, it is deliciously sweet and amazing served in place of syrup in snow cone. It makes a great mixer with fruity cocktails.

43 Tango
44 Vess Whistle Orange
45 Blu Sky

Well I think it's good cuase it has good flavors like dr Becker

46 Hires Root Beer

Best root beer out there. Too bad it's so hard to find

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