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21 Mist Twst
22 Sierra Mist

No artificial flavors, no high fructose syrup, and all natural! Great alternative to Sprite.

23 Mug Root Beer

Very good flavour! The best root beer. Love that creamy texture with the bubbles.

24 Orangina
25 Lemonsoda
26 Squirt
27 The Pop Shoppe

This is real soda. Time taken to make each bottle, glass bottle to better maintain taste. THUMBS UP

28 RC Cola

Best cola ever, they just dropped the ball on advertising.
Royal Crown Cola much better than Coke and Pepsi...

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29 Fanta Strawberry

Its refreshing and it taste better than other flavered sodas

30 Diet Coke Cherry

I like the diet coke cherry flavor it is good

It also gives you cancer

31 Fanta Pineapple
32 Big Red
33 Tango
34 Barq's Root Beer
35 Tropicana Twister
36 Sprecher

I literally drank 29 bottles in one night. It also is the best soda brand according to 68 diffrent companies and rewards.

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37 IBC

It taste ten times better then any of these and is brands people not flavors

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38 Big Blue
39 Vess Whistle Orange
40 Blu Sky
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