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1 Agent Orange
2 Remember the Fallen

This is the song I use to remember the great users that retired from this site - christangrant

3 City of God

One of the best thrash metal songs I have ever heard. I really don't understand this is not top 5; if not top itself.

4 M-16

One of the greatest thrash metal songs in history!

The best song by sodom

Best of sodom

5 Nuclear Winter
6 Ausgebombt
7 Napalm in the Morning

So amazing, and important Background

8 Magic Dragon

Somewhere in the top 3

Best three riffs in Thrash Metal! The intro one, the middle section one and the outro one, awesoem song! Best song from Agent Orange!

F###ing epic

9 Tired and Red
10 Code Red

Amazing! Very Awesome Intro... Kickass Riff... Great Tom's Harsh Vocals and So Much More... Just Listen To It!

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? Storm Raging Up

The Contenders

11 An Eye for an Eye
12 Persecution Mania
13 Incest
14 The Saw is the Law
15 In War and Pieces
16 Outbreak of Evil
17 F*** the Police

Heavier than a Panzer VIII Maus tank.

18 Witching Metal
19 Sodomy and Lust
20 Body Parts
21 Obsessed by Cruelty
22 Bombenhagel
23 Blood on Your Lips
24 Epitome of Torture
25 I Am the War
26 Among the Weirdcong

Seriously underrated song, one of the best!

27 Axis of Evil
28 Marines
29 One Step Over the Line
30 Stalinorgel
31 Buried In the Justice Ground
32 Tombstone
33 Genocide
34 Little Boy
35 Spiritual Demise
36 Strange Lost World
37 Lead Injection

This song has really catchy riffs and awesome vocals. - Kytotoxic

38 Knarrenheinz
39 Minejumper
40 Blasphemer
41 The Art of Killing Poetry
42 Lords of Depravity
43 Brandish the Sceptre
44 Volcanic Slut
45 Bloody Corpse
46 Into the Skies of War

Great song from sodom good guitar riffs and vocal

47 S.O.D.O.M.
48 Witchhammer
49 Electrocution

Should be top 15 at least

50 Tapping the Vein
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1. Agent Orange
2. Code Red
3. Remember the Fallen
1. Nuclear Winter
2. Agent Orange
3. Remember the Fallen
1. Agent Orange
2. Tired and Red
3. Ausgebombt

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