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1 Coke

Burns throat more than pepsi :D GO COCA COLA

I'm sorry Pepsi fans but Pepsi consists of mostly the same ingredients as Coke and Coke was made first, Pepsi is a rip off.
Coke has a history, Pepsi was designed to be like Coke; When you say Pepsi is better you do realise that Pepsi is literally an intentional copy of Coke. You won't find me drinking Pepsi unless they're out of Coke

COKE THE BEST But my family like Pepsi and said COKE imitate Pepsi but imitate failed


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2 Pepsi Pepsi PepsiCo Inc. is an American multinational food, snack and beverage corporation headquartered in Purchase, New York, United States, with interests in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of grain-based snack foods, beverages, and other products.

I like Pepsi better than coke

Today it took me 3 minutes to choose whether coke or Pepsi and I chose Pepsi. It does taste a little different than coke, and you can still taste the difference and it makes it better guys.

Pepsi is the best. The only time I like Coke is when it is in the small glass bottles which are really hard to find anymore. All soda tasted better in glass bottles.

The best ever!

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3 Mountain Dew

NUMBER 3!? Mountain dew is the bomb it's the best drink ever created! Every time we go shopping I get mountain dew dr. Pepper should be 12.

Definitely one of a kind when it comes to soft drinks. This is what I purchase every time when I need an occasional soda.

Mountain dew is the best soft drink ever made on earth...After drinking it makes me feel like that I am a superhero...

Mountain Dew is the best

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4 Dr. Pepper Dr. Pepper

I drink at least 3 cans of Dr. Pepper a day. I am addicted. The stuff is so good and tastes original. If only Dr. Pepper Cherry would come to Canada.

Dr. Pepper is the best ever! 2nd is Pepsi, 3rd would be RedBull, but it isn't a soft drink.

The best soft drink. Way better than Cherry Coke. If Dr. Pepper is available somewhere I will almost always choose it over everything else.

Should definitely be number one. Cola’s are so overrated. Coke’s version, Mr. Pibb is pretty good as well.

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5 Sprite

So refreshing and full of nice flavour and taste to. I love it, the best! Soft drink

Dude sprite should be first what are you all thinking putting it fifth

Because I love the flavour and it's not to fizzy


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6 Fanta

I love it. I'm drinking one right now!

Grape is the best flavor!

Fanta is fantastic.

The best ever

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7 7UP

Anyone mind 'Fido Dido' the Mascot?

Sure better than spite

7UP is really good!

7up is the best
Oh yeah

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8 Barq's Root Beer

I LOVE ROOT BEER. When you pour it in a glass, it starts to fizz up and carbonated foam comes out of it. Drinking the foam is like the best part. Also, it has a nice vanilla taste to it. My other option for a healthy drink is an arnold palmer. (iced tea and lemonade. )

It's the best, especially in an icy glass. Slowly pour a can of root beer in an ice of glass and you get little thin sheets of root beer ice. AMAZING

Drink here if you hate drinking

Root beer tastes awesome! It’s the best. - DJTerror

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9 Cherry Coke

I love Cherry Coke it's the only Coke I really Love :D I prefer this Cherry Coke over the wild Cherry Pepsi big time, This Coke has the right mount of cherry in it. Good job Coke for making this great drink :D

Any soda that is cherry flavor rocks!

It just tastes so fizzy it's amazing.

Cherry coke is my favorite drink. I like to drink a couple times a week.  can tolerate plain coke but the cherry flavored drink is so much more delicious in my humble opinion.  I like the strong flavor that comes from the flavoring along with the strong taste of coke.  My favorite thing to do is to get crushed ice from the dispenser in t's always so refreshing and just hits the spot.  even a few sips and I'm happy with that wonderful drink.

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10 Orange Crush

Crush is # 1 go crush forever cause it's awesome

How is orange crush this far down it should be at least number 8

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11 Cherry Dr. Pepper

Taste good. no aftertaste

12 Irn Bru

If you've never heard of this beautiful concoction, try your best to get a can. It will ruin all other drinks for you

Better than Coke any day

Best drink ever try it and never look back

Pure Heaven

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13 Vanilla Pepsi

Just like 'Vanilla Coke' basically. Beautiful.

Same great taste but with vanilla - bruinsfan

14 Mellow Yellow

Mellow yellow is better than orange crush vanilla Pepsi 7up and barges root beer

The best soda ever!

Mello Yello > Mountain Dew

15 Root Beer

I love root beer! sometimes I just want root beer at random times and then I try to find some


16 A&W Root Beer

In my opinion, its tied with coke, but since coke is number 1 already, I'll vote for this.

How is this number 22?! This should be at LEAST in the top 15!

Best root beer ever in the world

THIS SHOULD BE #1! Way better than Barg's...

17 Orange Fanta

Fanta is as good as crush and crush is awesome

This is the best.

18 Sierra Mist

Fight Back Pepsi Lovers! We Can't Back Down Yet!

It was actually renamed to Mist Twst.

19 Cream Soda

It has a nice taste

I love this! This is the best drink ever. - Catlover2004

I LOOOVE Cream soda. That's how me and my boyfriend got talking. He asked if I could buy him a cream soda (relationship goals)

Yeah boiii da beat ever

20 Slush puppies
21 Faygo

My older sister LOVES this drink! - Pokemonfan10

This drink sucks

22 Tango Cherry
23 Cherry Pepsi

Very under rated. great pepsi taste with a nice cherry kick

Must be highest one

24 RC Cola
25 Canada Dry
26 Lucozade

This is the best!


27 Diet Coke

Almost tastes the same as original coke just 0 calories


28 J2O
29 Schweppes Mandarin
30 Pepsi Max

Should be top

Should be at the top

31 Cherry Vimto

Absolutely Da Best

32 Pepsi One
33 Tango Orange
34 Shani
35 A&W Cream Soda
36 Lemonsoda
37 Vanilla Coke
38 Pineapple and Grapefruit Lilt
39 Ginger Beer
40 Solo

I love the lemon juice flavour. How could this be 37. In my opinion Pepsi shouldn't be on here because it is exactly the Same as coke - Hollybrewer

41 KA Black Grape

By far one of the best fizzy drinks all KA is piff

42 Sprite Zero
43 Schweppes Orange
44 Cola Light Lemon
45 Fanta Lemon
46 Diet Pepsi

Eww no diet crap is the worst doesn't matter what soda it is

47 Mug
48 Estathé
49 Frijj

The frijj basically redefined the milkshake, with unique and innovative flavours that blew Nesquik, McDonalds and Yazoo out of the water.

The thickest, creamiest, nicest milk shake ever? Mc donalds milkshakes are up there and so are yazoo but frijj has to take the lead!

50 Mr. Pibb
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