Best Soil Songs

The Top Ten

1 Halo
2 Redefine

Not a huge Soil fan, but this song really caught me. Very solid.

3 Unreal

Unreal is a brilliant song. Would no doubt be in first or second place if this list was to become popular amongst the fans. - EvilAngel

4 Breaking Me Down

One of the Best songs out there!
This song gets me pumped up every time I listen to it.
The Lead Singer is now with Drowning Pool

5 Pride
6 The One
7 Cross My Heart
8 New Faith
9 Remember
10 Like It Is

The Contenders

11 Black Betty
12 Let Go
13 Shine On
14 The Hate Song
15 Two Skins
16 Burn My Words
17 The Lesser Man
18 Give It Up
19 Wide Open
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