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21 Scar Tissue (Live in Chorzow, Poland)[2007]
22 Sexy Mexican Maid

I like the heavy wah, the high gain and how the saxophone takes a solo after it. It just works so well and right now this is my favorite solo ever

He really rips into his bends hard on this one. Cool solo

23 Otherside
24 If You Have to Ask

So dirty and funky. One of the best.

25 Minor Thing

This one is so incredibly good I feel like fighting the people who didn't vote for it. It feels like I'm flying when I listen to this, the amout of feeling almost doesn't fit in my earphones. You get an adrenaline rush when you listen to his guitar (not only the first time), I think that's not only amazing but rare.

26 Snow (Hey Oh)
27 By the Way
28 Central
29 Throw away your television at Fuji Rock 2006

In my opinion the most beautiful solo ever

30 Punk Rock Classic
31 L'Via L'Viaquez

Has a few breathtaking solos on this masterpiece of The Mars Volta. Easily my favorite part of the song

32 Funky Monks
33 Dosed

Just listen to the last minute of the song and it'll all make sense...

34 Lyon 6.6.06 (Live)

From the Tell Me Baby single... this live jam solo is his most emotionally charged solo that I think I've heard. It always gives me goosebumps and a visceral feeling listening to it. It's slowly builds and swells, then just explodes, releasing pent up waves energy washing over you.

35 Strip My Mind
36 Parallel Universe

Starts at 3:19 in the song. I get chills every time

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