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1 Angel of Death

Finally in a list angel of death is better than raining blood

Glad that it's number and above that overrated RAINING BLOOD. I am not saying RAINING BLOOD is bad but get way too much credit for what that song actually is. This on the other hand is just perfect especially the drumming on this track is perfection.

You got yourself a history lesson on the holocaust in this song

This Song is not only the best slayer song but also one of the best thrash metal songs ever! From the scream to the eargasmic riff to the awesome drumming, the lyrics are amazing too. It truly is the best. Raining blood is epic but just not as great as this song.

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2 Raining Blood

Return to power draws near...

No other track can beat Raining Blood - bobbythebrony

Best riff ever

BEST EVIL RIFFS EVER! This song is just crazy. The Intro is so intense. Then the backward gallop makes you headbang so hard. The lyrics have very dark and evil meaning to it. Then the rest of the song is just so crazy you will be left speechless. Defineltly the best slayer song ever! Ever

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3 Postmortem

A head banger's dream

perfect riff

Ukh this song needs the spotlight too. it is underrated

Have a Evil riff intro! M/
Amazing song!

4 Altar of Sacrifice

Has the best riffs from the album

Enter to the realm of Satan!

Amazing song

Last half of the song is so impossibly groovy I love it

5 Criminally Insane

This my favorite Slayer song! The riff, the drums, and especially the breakdown. Best Slayer song by far! - awesomedp900

This album has too many good songs. It would be unfair to put them in a top ten listing. Criminally insane has the best lyrics on reign in blood after angel of death and postmortem.

6 Piece by Piece

ONE OF THE FASTEST SONGS BY SLAYER! It's a really good song why do you people hate it so much

7 Necrophobic

Most brutal song in RIB period.

Fastest and most brutal song

Eargasmic riff. It's like King and Jeff are pissing on their guitars. Plus the lyrics! It's so scary... Ripping apart Severing flesh Gouging eyes Tearing limb from limb Strangulation, mutilation, cancer of the brain Limb dissection, amputation, from a mind deranged Asphyxiation, suffocation, gasping for air Explain to me the feeling after sitting in the chair! (some evil rifffs) Sliced incision, zero vision, loss of vital signs Skin contortion, bone erosion, your life becomes your fine Necrophobic can't control the paranoia Scared to die!... Then altar of sacrifice comes on. Mind=blown

8 Jesus Saves

Deserves to be in the Top Five. - IronSabbathPriest

Criminally underrated - DejanKalinic

Admin, I think you got the album cover wrong on this one. - ryanrimmel

9 Epidemic

I don't get why people say all the songs on this album are similar. This song has very different riffs from the other songs on this album. But still very very very fast song.

This should be higher, probably in the top 6 at least

At least it's in the top ten

10 Reborn

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11 Aggressive Perfector
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