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1 Bad Romance - Lady Gaga Bad Romance - Lady Gaga Cover Art

This song along with other songs like I Gotta Feeling, Single Ladies, Hard, and Don't Stop The Music was what I used to hear on the radio when I was younger, I loved those times.

Say what you want but this song revolutionised pop music and I remember when it first came out how much of a big song it was. She truly is a one of a kind pop artist.

Talented. Brilliant. Incredible. Amazing. Show stopping. Spectacular. Never the same. Totally unique. Completely not ever been done before.

I'm happy to see this on top! This is definitely in the top five for my favorite Gaga songs, and it's a really great song!

2 New Divide - Linkin Park New Divide - Linkin Park Cover Art

Linkin Park is the best! This song is absolutely amazing.

miley cyrus sucks. she should be at the very bottom of the list and this song is one of the best songs and should be #1.

3 Fireflies - Owl City Fireflies - Owl City Cover Art

Fireflies is the bane of every Owl City's fans existence but I DON'T CARE.
Fireflies is a quirky and cute song about a man's delusions for wanting pure slumber as he is suffering from insomnia.
Adam did good here.

I can not say enough about this song. It is so different from the others
No sappy love song, just out of the nature and feels so beautiful, 8.5/10

Of course, this was one of the most surprising no. 1 hit ever. Thank God mainstream actually got it right for once.- Spydyr

Not even a top 10 Owl City song but this is still a beautiful song.

4 21 Guns - Green Day 21 Guns - Green Day Cover Art

Helped me through so much... Metal and rock wannabes... Well I didn't talk smack about your favorite... Shows who's more mature... In my opinion Green Day and Linkin Park owned the 2000s best bands ever but 21 guns is my favorite

I love the song! It sounds so original in this song is a rock that I really liked it... Thank you Green Day! I hope you still surprise me with their songs!

Finally a good song in the modern world

The best green day song

5 Uprising - Muse Uprising - Muse Cover Art

Thank goodness this song is ranked higher than Miley Cyrus' dreadful song Party in the USA

Wanted to vote for New Divide, but it already took the top spot, so...

Now this song is just cool!

Should be a lot higher.

6 Good Life - Onerepublic Good Life - Onerepublic Cover Art

OneRepublic is one of my favorite bands and this song contributes to that reason. It is so uplifting and peaceful. 8/10

Everyone knows OneRepublic for Apologize and Counting Stars, but they forget that this was a big hit too.

I see a lot of the word 'uplifting' here.
And you know what, screw it!
This song is such a positive and uplifting track.

OneRepublic is that band I like to listen for Ryan's lovely voice.

7 Beautiful - Eminem Beautiful - Eminem Cover Art

Should be in the top.. Listen and you will be yourself.. One of the best songs of Eminem>>

Eminem is better than all other rappers in the game...not to mention michael jaclson

8 Hero - Skillet Hero - Skillet Cover Art

Not as good as Monster, but Skillet's entire album this year was fantastic.

Skillet is one of my favorite bands.

9 Paparazzi - Lady Gaga Paparazzi - Lady Gaga Cover Art

Lady Gaga has never appealed to me but this song is definitely my favorite from her. It's such a jam.

I like this song, but I don't think it's one of Gaga's best.

10 She Wolf - Shakira She Wolf - Shakira Cover Art

The beat is so addictive, the voice is addictive, everything is just so wonderful.

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? Boy Meets Girl - Evan Taubenfeld Boy Meets Girl - Evan Taubenfeld Cover Art

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11 Ignorance - Paramore Ignorance - Paramore Cover Art
12 You Belong with Me - Taylor Swift You Belong with Me - Taylor Swift Cover Art

This is like the best song ever! I love it so much! HOW COME ITS ON THE 12th SPOT?! It deserves to be in the top 5! Please vote for this.

I love Taylor Swift's old songs

YES! Not the best in terms of lyrics and sound, but it's SO FUN TO JAM TO!


13 Savior - Rise Against Savior - Rise Against Cover Art

By far the greatest song to come out in 2009.

14 The Night - Disturbed The Night - Disturbed Cover Art

The Night is 2008... but it beats any other crap on this list, no doubt. I mean, seriously, why the hell are some of these songs popular? The Night is better than anything...

This is a badass song.

15 I Gotta Feeling - The Black Eyed Peas I Gotta Feeling - The Black Eyed Peas Cover Art

This song is amazing! It was number one for 14 weeks and The BEP were number 1 for 26 weeks in a row with this and Boom Boom Pow

A great song to give you mood too starting or go to party

I used to hear this I think when I was five or six, great song

Am I the only one who's feeling some nostalgia right now?

16 Automatic - Tokio Hotel Automatic - Tokio Hotel Cover Art

When I heard this song and watched the music video I instantly fell in love with this band! The lyrics are so meaningful and with the way Bill sings it you can really feel the message of the song! And you can't expect a one-hit-wonder kind of thing with this song 'because all of their songs are SO CATCHY and the lyrics always mean so much! With this song, Tokio Hotel continues to show to the music world their own unique, modern, and distinct and revolutionizing rock sound. Even non-TH fans admit to liking this song instantly! Tokio Hotel rocks!

OMG... this is my favorite band in the world... and this song... UAU... You're automatic, sistematic... so traumatic you're automatic... there's no real love in you... why do I keep loving you?... this is perfect Bill this song deserves it a gold medal... and the guittar... the bass and the drums OMG just love it...

Well, this song has real meaning. The lyrics are great and the rhythm is very good. And the music video is just amazing. I love this song and band... they are great!

How can the rest of that common stuff like Gaga compare to this? This has so much more meaning than others.

17 Monster - Skillet Monster - Skillet Cover Art

Skillet was one of the best rock bands of the 2000s And Monster is one of my favorite songs of the 2000s overall.

Yes, you're right this IS underrated.

Skillet or Slipknot? I can't decide!

How is this so underrated?

18 Party In the U.S.A. - Miley Cyrus Party In the U.S.A. - Miley Cyrus Cover Art

This is the good Miley Cyrus, before she started singing about bad stuff, and riding wrecking balls while, well, you know what.

I love you Miley Cyrus!

I love the old Miley!

19 Strobe - Deadmau5 Strobe - Deadmau5 Cover Art

This is best and most well done electronic song of all time.
It's only no. 2 on my favorite EDM list, (Monody by TheFatRat) but favorite and best are two different topics entirely.

Strobe is, without a doubt, Joel's greatest acheivement and that's saying something!

And with that deadmau5 released the greatest electronic piece to exist ever (until Avicii created Le7els).

The greatest achievement in electronic history.
Thank you, Joel. Thank you.

Put this 1 PLEASE, there is no song better than this one in this list

20 Gives You Hell - All-American Rejects Gives You Hell - All-American Rejects Cover Art

What a voice! Catchy beat

21 You Found Me - The Fray You Found Me - The Fray Cover Art

People only know this band because of "How to Save a LIfe". They forget that this was also played on the radio to death. Good song.

22 Crystalised - The xx Crystalised - The xx Cover Art
23 Alejandro - Lady Gaga Alejandro - Lady Gaga Cover Art

I love this one! Her vocals are great on this one.

24 Whataya Want from Me - Adam Lambert Whataya Want from Me - Adam Lambert Cover Art

Best adam lambert song

25 Use Somebody - Kings of Leon Use Somebody - Kings of Leon Cover Art

I feel that this song is fell under the rug.

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