Ranked!: Episode 4- Billboard's Year End Hot 100 For 2011

Here the top 100 songs of 2011, according to Billboard, the American charts, ranked from worst to best. Songs are Awful, Bad, Meh, Good, or Great. But you already knew that. Let's begin!

100. Tonight I'm Lovin You: We all know that original
99. Look At Me Now: Chris Brown bragging about himself
98. The Time (Dirty Bit): What destroyed their career
97. No Hands: This.....
96. Dirt Road Anthem: Country garbage
95. I'm On One: I'll admit, I liked AIDIW. But this is garbage
94. Country Girl (Shake It For Me): What made Luke Bryan a household name
93. Like A G6: I can't believe I used to like this
92. Headlines: Zzzz.
91. Down On Me: This makes me cringe big time
90. 6 Foot 7 Foot: Lil Wayne post sell out. Dude what happened
89. Roll Up: Wait a minute. Roll Up rhymes with Hol Up. He uses Hol Up 69 times in We Dem Boyz. Illuminati confirmed. Gonna kms
88. She Ain't You: No sh** Sherlock
87. S and M: Rihanna tries to be edgy
86. Cheers: IDK why I hate this
85. How To Love: Hello again Wayne
84. Don't You Wanna Stay: More Jason Adlean
83. Don't Wanna Go Home: Jason Derulo
82. God Gave Me You: Blake Shelton, can god give you retirement
81. ARE YOU GONNA KISS ME OR NOT: I wonder what happens when bands like these divorce
80. You And Tequila: Old man Kenny Chesney
79. My Last: No me gusta
78. Colder Weather: Meh
77. Animal: Meh
76. She Will: Meh
75. Where Them Girls At: FLo Rida sort of redeems this
74. Take A Back Road: Meh
73. Best Thing I Never Had: Meh
72. Back to December: Meh
71. Crazy Girl: Meh
69. Bottoms Up: A Nicki Minaj/Trey Songz collab about butts at 69. Lol
68. Honey Bee: Meh
67. Pretty Girl Rock: Meh
66. Animal: Meh
65. Price Tag: Better than BangBang
64. Backseat: Meh
63. In The Dark: Meh
62. Remind Me: Meh
61. Knee Deep: Meh
60. Rolling In The Deep: I'm sorry everybody. But this gets really annoying after 5 listens
59. Till The World Ends: Meh
58. I Wanna Go: Then do the pee pee dance!
57. Hold It Against Me: Mehmehmeh
56. Just A Kiss: Meh
55. You Make Me Feel: Meh
54. Motivation: Meh
53. Moment 4 Life: Meh
52. Yeah (3x): This is un-hateable. Except how does one yeaheeyeaheeyeah
51. We Found Love: Calvin ruined it
50. Without You: David ruined it
49. Hey Baby (Drop It To THe Floor): Mediocre Pitbull song
48. Black and Yellow: Ravioli Ravioli Give Me The Formioli
47. We R Who We R: It's OK I guess. Much better than Blahblahblah
46. The Edge Of Glory: Could have been better
45. You And I: OneDirection did this better
44. Please Don't Go: Better than Cooler Than Me
43. Sure Thing: Miguel
42. Who Says: This song is ironically not perfect. The message is nice, but if everyone was perfect, than there would be no such thing as Perfect. I get the vibe though.
41. F***** Perfect: Again.
40. Teenage Dream: Guilty pleasure
39. Raise Your Glass: Guilty pleasure
38. Written In The Stars: Better than Girls Like
37. Lighters: Have I committed a sin by liking this?
36. I Need A Doctor: Skylar saves this completely
35. Blow: Guilty Pleasure
34. Sexy And I Know It: Guilty Pleasure
33. What The Hell: I forgive you for Girlfriend. *Listens to Hello Kitty* Never mind
32. Rocketeer: This is sweet.
31. If I Die Young: YES! EMO COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30. The Show Goes On: Why did I ever hate this guy?
29. Last Friday Night: Katy Perry at her funnest
28. E.T: Nice verse from Yeezus
27. Pumped Up Kicks: This is dark. I like dark.
26. Born This Way: Lady Gaga
25. On The Floor: Nostalgic
24. Give Me Everything: More nostalgia
23. Just Can't Enough: More nostalgia
22. Party Rock Anthem: More nostalgia
21. Moves Like Jagger: More nostalgia
20. Tonight Tonight: More nostalgia
19. Firework: I'd stil like this, even if not for nostalgia
18. Dynamite: Again
17. Grenade: This is heartfelt
16. Just The Way You Are: As is this
15. Super Bass: She made a good song.....
14. Forget You: Cheeky in all the right ways
13. Someone Like You: Adele
12. Only Girl: Good Rihanna
11. Jar Of Hearts: It's a shame how underrated this is
10. All Of The Lights: Not even close to the best on the album
9. Just A Dream: Nelly at his best.
8. DJ Got Us Fallin In Love: Overrated but good
7. For The First Time: What happened to these guys
6. The Lazy Song: Relaxes me
5. Good Life: OneRepublic
4. More: THAT BEAT!
3. Coming Home: Best rap song all decade
2. Stereo Love: This just has that vibe to it
1. Stereo Hearts: The top 2 both have stereo in the title lol

FINAL SCORE: 65.8/100
Overall, 2011 was a straightforward year. I loved the great stuff, hated the bad stuff, and didn't care for the rest. The good stuff was just so good, that I have to call it my fav year this decade tho.

I am ProPanda and I promise you 2013 is next!


I like how I disagree with almost everything here. - WonkeyDude98

Happens a lot between us lol - ProPanda

And yes, you did commit a sin by liking Lighters and If I Die Young. - WonkeyDude98

Cry ery tim - ProPanda

6 Foot 7 Foot is one of my favorite Wayne songs, but nice ranking! - SwagFlicks

I know lots like it but it just doesn't click with me. But thanks! - ProPanda

Animal is on the list twice. - RalphBob

Now I have to go back screw you - ProPanda

Ew, move Super Bass to bad - ProPanda

Oh yeah, and I'm On One to meh - ProPanda

Pumped Up Kicks to #3. And
the new Top 5:
1. Coming Home
2. Stereo Love
3. Pumped Up Kicks
4. The Lazy Song
5. Good Life - ProPanda

kys - WonkeyDude98

I like how you're mad I like Pumped Up Kicks, but not Tonight Tonight - ProPanda

Because Tonight Tonight is mediocre at best, while Pumped Up Kicks is complete garbage. - WonkeyDude98

Switch 5 and 4.

Push Coming Home down to #3

Push Lupe up to 4 actually. - ProPanda

Why am I the only one who thinks Look At Me Now was alright? - AlphaQ

Move You Make Me Feel to the Great tier, and Yeah X3 to the good tier. Move Look At Me Now to the bottom of the bad tier. - ProPanda