Personal Challenge 2 of 4: Ranking Billboard's Year End Hot 100 For 2011

Hello everyone, WonkeyDude98 here, and as you all know 2011 was alright year for music,. Very few standouts one way or another. And to prove it, I'm ranking the entire Billboard year end hot 100 for 2011:

NOPE TIER (0 or lower)
#100. Sexy and I Know It: No wonder everyone hated LMFAO so much. This boringly perverted piece of garbage exists.
#99. Look At Me Now: Chris Brown is lucky he brought along two pretty incredible guest rappers in Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne, or this might have been a tad lower.
#98. Tonight (I'm F***ing You): To think, I actually liked the production on this, but...the day I let potential rape slide past is the day I resign.
#97. The Time (Dirty Bit): is the Thomas Rhett of electronic music, and this proves it in all its synthbarf "glory".
#96. Down On Me: I hate both artists involved (though lately I've become softer to Jeremih), and when you combine Jeremih's creepiness and 50CENT's blandness, you get one of the most weirdly unsettling songs of the whole year.
#95. Lighters: Now, I like all three artists involved. But between the drudging beat, the aimless lyrics, and the general disjoint between Eminem and Royce's verses and Bruno's chorus, I can't say I even tolerate this.
#94. Don't Wanna Go Home: Jason DeRülo is the Thomas Rhett of R&B, and this proves it in its DOUBLE ripoff.
#93. Country Girl: No Luke Bryan, she isn't going to shake her butt to various species of wildlife, so BE QUIET.
#92. Like A G6: One of the only songs ever to be in the bottom 10 of one of my previous rankings, and maintain on the year-end. Why.
#91. Pumped Up Kicks: This pick is probably gonna cause some controversy, but I don't care. In an era where acts like Imagine Dragons, fun., and Of Monsters And Men exist, it's a little odd to think that these talented people got kickstarted by....these hacks. I hated their debut album with a fiery passion, and this encompassed all the pretentious indie rock badge it didn't earn, masking its meaninglessness behind a school shooting. (This is six lines long what am I doing with my life)
#90. Where Dem Girls At: David Guetta.
#89. She Ain't You: Chris Brown.
#88. S&M: Rihanna at her most blaring, obnoxious, and tryhard.
#87. No Hands: *shudder*

BAD TIER (half-star to 1)
#86. Headlines: *snore*
#85. Best Thing I Never Had: This song makes absolutely no sense.
#84. Backseat: Hey, remember the guys who made You're A Jerk and Tie Me Down, and then the guys who made Like a G6? Well, they're both here.
#83. E.T.: One of the few Katy Perry songs I can say that I hate even if you count being a guilty pleasure into the mix. Mainly because of Kanye West though.
#80. Dirtroad Anthem: I don't exactly know what kickstarted bro-country....but I CAN point fingers.
#79. Without You: Thank you David Guetta, you made an USHER song garbage.
#78. Rollup: Wiz Khalifa.
#77. Rocketeer: Thank the lord Ryan Tedder was on this, or this would have been just above Like a G6.
#76. Don't You Wanna Stay: Note to self: bro-country doesn't mix with synthpop.

#75. Tonight Tonight: This has to be the absolute weakest, blandest pop rock I've ever heard bar Foster The People. Nostalgic I suppose.
#74. Jar Of Hearts: Hey, remember this sloppily written bore made by a singer who's long since forgotten? Yeah, me neither.
#73. Till The World Ends: Britney Spears at her laziest.
#72. I Wanna Go: Britney Spears at her laziest.
#71. Hold It Against Me: Britney Spears at her laziest.
#70. Take A Backroad: Bro c(o)untry.
#69. Bottoms Up: A Nicki Minaj and Trey Songz song about butts at #69, and ProPanda also has his at #69, ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED
#68. Who Says: Still better than Stars Dance.
#67. How To Love: 2011 showed us a lot of Lil Wayne, but this has to have given us his wackest verses of the I too white to say that?
#66. She Will: Eh.
#65. Pretty Girl Rock: Bleurgh.
#64. Cheers: Bleurgh.
#63. Born This Way: If you look all the way to my #2, you'll probably call me a hypocrite, wouldn't be wrong. But this just feels...messy.
#62. We R Who We R: I'm a bit more forgiving to Kesha than most (mostly because I don't blame her for being abysmal, I blame her scumbag ventriloquist Dr. Luke), but this feels tired, and given that we have TiK ToK and (not saying it's better) BlahBlahBlah to parody bad pop music, we don't need more.
#61. Just Can't Get Enough: Wasted potential. Captivating narrative, decent beat, clever lyrics, ruined by disjointed performances that disallow and Taboo to show how they are the significantly better performers, a sudden beat switchup, and a bunch of random jank added in to pile on the clutter.
#60. Written In The Stars: This is actually pretty good....wait, this is by Tinie Tempah? Isn't he the same guy who made that awful song with Zara Larsson? Go figure.
#59. What The Hell?!: Avril Lavigne at her most obnoxious. Well, at least the groove is pretty tight.
#58. Hey Baby: Pitbull.
#57. Give Me Everything: Pitbull.

#56. 6' 7': SwagFlicks showed me that Weezy has some great bars here. But yeah, I see why everyone hates this.
#55. You And Tequila: Better than Noise, I guess.
#54. In The Dark: Better than Booty Bounce, I guess.
#53. YEAH YEAH YEAH: Chris Brown above the BAD TIER? Who would've known?
#52. We Found Love: Weird how this was so low on this list, yet is one of the biggest hit songs of all time. (We'll get to that soon, keep this at the back of your mind)
#51. ARE YOU GONNA KISS ME OR NOT?! ANSWER ME!!: ...probably not.
#50. Party Rock Anthem: The biggest hit song of the decade so far. For better or worse.
#49. Please Don't Go: Still pretty gutless, but a stepping stone between Cooler Than Me and I Took A Pill In Ibiza that ended up changing Mike Posner for the better.
#48. God Gave Me You: Now, I'm kinder to Blake Shelton than most. He can write some pretty endearing if cheesy lyrics at most, something I can't say about the bigger (and later) hacks like Sam Hunt and Thomas Rhett. This is one of those songs.
#47. Honeybee: Oh hey again Blake.
#46. You Make Me Feel: Eh.
#45. Crazy Girl: Eh.
#44. Barefoot Bluejean Night: I've always had a soft spot for Jake Owen.
#43. Price Tag: Why do I like this song?

#42. Raise Your Glass: P!NK.
#41. Remind Me: Carrie Underwood.
#40. Coming Home: I like both Diddy and Skylar (though I wish I liked them more than I did), and I think this is part of the reason why.
#39. Stereo Love: Well this is higher than I previously would have thought.
#38. Animal: Still haven't figured out where I've heard this song before.
#37. Sure Thing: Miguel.
#36. My Last: Despite how much I hate both artists, this isn't my favorite song from either of them.
#35. Yoü and I: I like Lady GaGa. Probably more than most would be accepting of.
#34. Knee Deep: The Zac Brown Band.
#33. Just A Kiss: It's no Need You Now, but it's pretty good.
#32. For The First Time: I gotta ask whatever happened to the Script? They just....vanished.
#31. On The Floor: I've warmed up to Pitbull A LOT since I first started my account.
#30. Motivation: The best Lil Wayne song here, except....
#29. I'm On One: Listened to this last week on the radio by chance, and as far as Drake and DJ Khaled collabs go, this is definitely better than For Free. I wouldn't say it's better than the other Rick Ross and DJ Khaled collab All I Do Is Win tho.
#28. Moment 4 Life: Remembr when Meek Mill wasn't a thing?

GREAT TIER (5 or higher)
#26. Only Girl: Still not quite Rihanna's best.
#25. Just A Dream: Still astounded this even happened.
#24. Good Life: Don't let Apologize, Secrets, and this fool you: I very much hate pre-2013 OneRepublic.
#23. What's My Name: Not Take Care (stay tuned for the next post), but it's great.
#22. The Lazy Song: Why does everyone hate this? It's simple, smooth, sleazy enough to be fun, it's perfect for what it's catering to.
#21. Just The Way You Are: Bruno Mars.
#20. The Show Goes On: Lupe Fiasco.
#18. Last Friday Night: This groove....
#17. Teenage Dream: This groove....
#16. Super Bass: A Nicki Minaj song. A NICKI. MINAJ. SONG. Made it in the GREAT TIER of this ranking. A Nicki Min--a Nicki M--I need to lay down.
#15. F***ing Perfect: Like this song.
#14. The Edge of Glory: Lady GaGa's best song.
#13. Moves Like Jagger: As does this.
#12. Stereo Hearts: This brings me back so many memories.
#11. Dynamite: Not much has changed with this one.
#10. All Of The Lights: Admittedly not one of my favorites from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, but that's one of the greathest albums of all time!
#9. Back to December: It was pretty hard to beat You Belong With Me, but Taylor did it, this is her best song...or at least it would have been if not for All Too Well.
#8. Colder Weather: The Zac Brown Band.
#7. I Need A Doctor: Why does everyone hate this? It's dark, layered, complex, emotional, and brilliantly performed by Eminem, Dr. Dre, and Skylar Grey.
#6. DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love: Dark, upbeat, catchy, OH AND PITBULL'S ON THIS TOO HOORAY
#5. Someone Like You: Adele.
#4. Rolling In The Deep: Adele.
#3. F**k You: ONLY this version, for the record.
#2. Firework: ...the secondhand embarrassment is already kicking in.
#1. Grenade: know what, I know I'll get a ton of trash for this, but I don't care. This song is a masterpiece. The sweeping piano, the clicking percussion, the gospel swell, this is a song that knows it's dramatic, and OWNS it. The lyrics also have very dramatic and hyperbolic overtones, but if you look deeper into the lyrics you'll know that Bruno isn't playing this as literally as you might think. It's really merely about a guy whose girlfriend is a cruel lying sack of garbage, but he's still lovestruck. The Lil Wayne remix is infinitely better than the original, as his sentiment is much more straightforward and a lot less sour. Absolute PERFECTION. (Why tf have my #1 descriptions been so long)

This year tallied up a 285/500. Better than 2014 and miles better than 2015, but not as strong as (very oddly) 2010 or 2013. This is WonkeyDude98, and 2012 is coming next.


Bruno is on top for the second time - ProPanda

Won't be the last if you know what's coming. - WonkeyDude98

Whom came 88th - Puga

SH*T. - WonkeyDude98

It's because I forgot Moment 4 Life existed. Fixed. - WonkeyDude98

Also why is Who Says meh?
That's like, Wizards nostalgia! - ProPanda

It's painfully mediocre. Also, nanananaananananananana.

If I actually remembered it from Wizards, it would have been in the DECENT TIER. - WonkeyDude98

I barely remember anything music-wise from 2011. - SwagFlicks

I recognized like 45% of this list before now. - WonkeyDude98

I agree, didn't recognize many of these, 2011 must have been pretty forgettable - Martinglez

And her during the Good Tier: HOLY F*K LOVE THAT SONG

My sister:
During Nope Tier:
No, Kesha! WRWR is Sh*tty!

And me:
During Bad Tier: Why? WHY!? WHY E.T. IS ON BAD TIER!

Tell your sister that We R Who We R is in the MEH TIER lol - WonkeyDude98

Edit: Move Hey Baby and Backseat into the SCRUB TIER. - WonkeyDude98

And In The Dark into the BAD TIER. - WonkeyDude98

I don't recognize some of the songs either, or maybe it's because I didn't know much music at the time. - Elina

Wait, you don't like Girls Like? - Samosaurus