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41 Stereo Hearts - Gym Class Heroes

Not my taste, this, I do not like. - madoog

209..r u kidding me... 1 of the best songs ever
beautiful chorus + 2 nice verses makes this song my favourite one

42 A Thousand Years - Christina Perri

I do not like this song. This song is tiresome. - madoog

43 Dagger - The Wanted
44 You and I - Lady Gaga
45 Built to Fall - Trivium
46 The Ballad of Mona Lisa - Panic! at the Disco
47 War of the Gods - Amon Amarth
48 Price Tag - Jessie J
49 Make It Stop (September's Children) - Rise Against

Do yourself a favor and watch the video clip for this song. You won't regret it.

50 Be Careful - Jason Derulo
51 If You Can't Hang - Sleeping with Sirens
52 Midnight City - M83

Midnight City is absolutely awesome and original. - madoog

One of the best songs ever.

One of the best pop songs of all time

This song should be in the top 10

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53 In the End - Anthrax

Such a shame a masterpiece is so low on this list... - christangrant

54 Coming Home - Diddy Dirty Monkey
55 The Wilhelm Scream - James Blake
56 Public Enemy No. 1 - Megadeth
57 Smile - Avril Lavigne

Fantastic! Awesome Song! Got to like this guys! Probbly her best song ever! I just love listening to it! Again and again and again!

58 Mamma Knows Best - Jessie J
59 Don't Carry It All - The Decemberists

Really great opener to a fantastic album. Showed that country can have an appeal to an audience outside of country fans.

60 Going Out In Style - Dropkick Murphys
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