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181 The Art of Peer Pressure - Kendrick Lamar
182 Headlong Flight - Rush

This song just blows everything else off of the steamliners. Very fast (even though it's 7 and a half minutes long) and powerful (By-Tor and the Snow Dog meets Bastille Day), not to mention Rush is in their SIXTIES! They have been doing this for over 40 years now. Give it a listen. You WILL be hooked.

In 2012, Rush is forgotten by many people, but not by me. An excellent song, one of the best rock songs of this year.

183 Hurricane - Bridgit Mendler V 1 Comment
184 Ready or Not - Bridgit Mendler V 2 Comments
185 Clarity - Zedd V 2 Comments
186 Forever Changed - Carrie Underwood
187 Waterline - Jedward
188 Want U Back - Cher Lloyd

I really love this song it's the best... if I made up this list I put the song of cher lloyd riot then over the moon then want you back

Oh... Come on this should be in top 10... Best lyrics... Superb song... I just can't stop listning this song...
Listen this song and vote for it... This song deserve a top ten spot...

This is my favorite song ever! Also, has anyone listened to Oath? Becky G is great. Cher Lloyd is great. Them together is amazing!

V 1 Comment
189 Dry My Soul - Amanda Jenssen
190 Turn Up the Music - Chris Brown
191 Talk That Talk - Rihanna ft. Jay-Z
192 Somebody That I Used to Know - Glee Cast
193 Ni**as in Paris - Jay Z & Kanye West
194 Sing - Gary Barlow & The Commonwealth Band

No. This song sucks!

195 I'll Be Gone - Linkin Park

Vote for it guys it is much better song and deserves a higher spot

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196 Skin to Bone - Linkin Park
197 Same Mistakes - One Direction
198 Eyes Open - Taylor Swift
199 Everything I Was - Moog
200 Castles - B.o.B
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