Requested Challenge: Ranking Billboard's Year-End Hot 100 (Pt. 2)

Yet again, shoutout to ProPanda for the challenge. Out of all the bad years this decade (2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015), 2013 is easily the one I find least bad. Regardless, it was a bad year all around. It was very polarized, with the good stuff being the best of the decade, but the bad stuff being the worst of the decade. Without further ado, let's get started.

SH** TIER (0 or lower):
#100. U.O.E.N.O.: Easily my least favorite song of the entire decade.
#99. Blurred Lines: Admittedly decent instrumentally, but other than that just completely horrid.
#98. Love Me: Mike WiLL Made-It on a Lil Wayne song in 2013.
#97. Started From The Bottom: Most monotonous piece of garbage ever.
#96. Holy Grail: Second most monotonous piece of garbage ever.
#95. That's My Kind of Night: A lot of people like this and I can't even begin to fathom why.
#94. Bugatti: Why...does this song...sound like this?
#93. I'm Different: To put it short, a DJ Mustard version of No Flex Zone before NFZ was even a thing.
#92. F**kin' Problems: Kendrick...Drake...WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!
#91. Cruise: Country and rap don't mix.
#90. Pour It Up: Mike WiLL Made-It.
#89. #thatPOWER:'s laziest song to date.
#88. Boys Round Here: As the next few entries here will prove, 2013 was a terrible year for country.
#87. It Goes Like This: I knew Thomas Rhett was a thing before Tangled Up, but relevant?
#86. Crash My Party: Luke Bryan is cancer.
#85. Body Party: Mike WiLL, can you get out of my life?

BAD TIER (half-star to 1):
#84. We Can't Stop: Despite this being higher than Body Party on the worst Mike WiLL Made-It songs list, I actually prefer this to Body Party.
#83. Scream and Shout: Vague, hollow, screechy garbage from two aging pop stars.
#82. Feel This Moment: Worst usage of sampling I've ever heard, ignoring Anaconda.
#81. Let Her Go: Terrible vocals, incredibly boring acoustic sound, and lyrics that range from generic to incredibly d***hey.
#80. The Other Side: Generic getting-out-of-friendzone garbage from a hack. Also, that synth on the chorus needed reverb. Badly.
#79. Beauty and A Beat: I could point out the terrible matchmaking, and add an uninteresting sound and sloppy writing and you get...
#78. Come And Get It: Worthless garbage. Worthless is its only trait.
#77. Harlem Shake: Good joke, for about a minute.
#76. The Fox: Was a good joke, for about two months.
#75. Diamonds: Rihanna, SIA...what ARE YOU BOTH DOING?!?!?!
#74. Sure Be Cool If You Did: It'd sure be cool if you quit, Blake Shelton.
#73. I Want Crazy: I want interesting country.
#72. Wanted: Oh hi again Hunter Hayes. You want a lot, just saying.
#71. Get Your Shine On: Bro country nonsense.

#70. Mirrors: You better hope that girls who actually like you know this song, because THIS IS A SONG WHERE YOU COMPARE A GIRL TO YOURSELF. Also, Timberlake's falsetto makes my ears bleed.
#69. Suit and Tie: Materialistic borderline garbage. And this is one of Timberlake's better songs.
#68. Adorn: From here until #52, it's almost all gonna be inauthentic jabs at songs I don't care about at all with few exceptions, so you may wanna skip.
#67. Next to Me: Meh.
#66. Still Into You: Not into you though.
#65. I Will Wait: Sadly, I don't have patience for songs I don't care about.
#64. Wagon Wheel: Meh.
#63. Bad: You're not giving yourself enough credit here. About about Mediocre?
#62. Try: Then how about you P!nk?
#61. Summertime Sadness: Lana Del Rey boiled to her essence.
#60. Sweet Nothing: The title explains the song.
#59. Highway Don't Care: I care about as much as the highway.

#58. Same Love: Objectively and based off of my respect for it, this is top tier. Unfortunately I can't place it any higher out of principle, as I'm against LGBT.
#57. Ho Hey: Eh. I can listen to it.
#56. Let Me Love You: Eh. I can listen to it.
#55. Catch My Breath: Eh. I can listen to it.
#54: Downtown: Eh. I can listen to it.
#53. Runnin' Outta Moonlight: Eh. I can listen to it.
#52. Roar: Out of the empowerment trilogy, this is in the middle. Better than Fight Song, worse than Brave.
#51. Gangnam Style: It's no surprise this was still relevant in 2013, since they started factoring in YouTube views that year.
#50.Applause: We need a Lady Gaga in the world.
#49. Safe and Sound: I'm settling on a neutral-positive on this one.
#48. Hold On, We're Going Home: Drake's voice is a lot smoother than it should.
#47. I Need Your Love: Calvin, you are lucky you had Ellie Goulding of all people to bring down, because if not for her this would be absolute garbage.
#46. Brave: Easily the best empowerment anthem of the trilogy, though after three years it did overstay its welcome.
#45. I Knew You Were Trouble: At the very least Taylor's a good singer, though this is probably her weakest song that I can tolerate besides WANGBT.
#44. 22: What is there so bad about this?
#43. The Way: Ariana Grande is talented. And this works profoundly.

#42. Heart Attack: Demi really put her all in this, didn't she?
#41. Troublemaker: Would have been higher if not for the existence of a superior Maroon 5 song in Misery. Literally everything about these two is the same. The electric synth, the strings, the vocal melody, the subject matter, everything.
#40. Die Young: Yeah it was overplayed, but this is the kind of Kesha that actually makes me want to have fun.
#39. I Cry: By Flo Rida standards, this is absolutely fantastic.
#38. Girl on Fire: Alicia Keys has a voice from heaven.
#37. Clarity: Technically a 5, but I have no idea what the hook is about...
#36. Cups: The vocal melody and vocals are peace-ensuring, and the lyrics, while nothing special, do nothing to offend me.
#35. Gone Gone Gone: Philip Philips, prosper.
#34: Power Trip: J. Cole is one of the best rappers of our time.
#33. #BEAUTIFUL: Other than the hashtag this song is great. May Mariah Carey prosper.
#32. Stay: This is so many things at once, and yet it works.
#31. Wake Me Up: Don't take the metaphor seriously.
#30. I Love It: Surprisingly, Galantis' production was solid on this, complimented by Charli XCX's booming voice.
#29. Just Give Me A Reason: P!nk and Eminem may not mix, but P!nk and Nate Ruess do guaranteed.
#28. Home: Do I need to say anything? This kinda speaks for itself.
#27. Best Song Ever: Ooh, I can see the hate rolling in already. Would you rather creepy, blandly incompetent One Direction?
#26. Berzerk: It's a shame how one of the worst on the Marshall Mathers LP 2 album is the only one on this chart (The Monster charted the year after but still).
#25. Mama's Broken Heart: We need more country artists like Miranda Lambert.
#24. Sail: Do I need to say anything? This is one of the songs this year that everyone agrees is good.
#23. Wrecking Ball: Yeah, I like it.
#22. Royals: After songs like Pour It Up and Crash My Party, this is a breath of fresh air.

GREAT TIER (5 or higher):
#21. The A Team: You've set high standard for yourself, Ed.
#20. Little Talks: Why did this miss my best list? (Oh wait it was made in 2012 nvm)
#19. Don't You Worry Child: Best Song Ever made my best list...and this didn't. I'm ignorant.
#18 Carry On: Oh, how fun.. Sorry...
#17. Some Nights: Not the best song of all time, but great. I mean, it sure is fun.. Sorry...
#16. Hall of Fame: made a good song...
#15. Daylight: Maroon 5 are just an amazing band.
#14. One More Night: Honestly, I think I'm the only one who sees Adam's frustration.
#13. Love Somebody: I know a lot of people hated Overexposed, but I for one enjoyed it.
#12. When I Was Your Man: Bruno Mars.
#11. Locked Out Of Heaven: Bruno Mars.
#10. Thrift Shop: Can be enjoyed on any level of thought.
#9. Can't Hold Us: Macklemore you sly are you this fantastic?
#8. Swimming Pools: Kendrick Lamar being this low should say something about the good stuff this year.
#7. My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark: A slap in the face towards former fans. The best one possible.
#6. Treasure: Bruno Mars.
#5. Get Lucky: Disco done right.
#4. Counting Stars: Rejuvenating, fresh, fast, and positive.
#3. It's Time: Man, you couldn't go this year without Imagining Dragons, could you? Sorry...
#2. Radioactive: Bombastic, powerful, atmospheric, and monstrous. Now, they might have needed a guitar and a faster tempo to increase the power.
#1. Demons: Again, best song of all time.

Similarly with 2014, the score of 2013 completely contradicts how I think of the year. In the end, the score was...275. I'm WonkeyDude98, and 2013 was actually not bad.


Why is a ranking a HQ post? Admin is literally taking the piss. - Puga

Wow, you sure are persistent. - WonkeyDude98

Thanks for taking my challenge
I've been working on my own For 2014,
Sorry 4 pushing u
It is a lot of work - ProPanda

Eh, it's been really fun. - WonkeyDude98

Hey dude, I have a suggestion, I'll probably do the same. Rank The billboard decade end 100 from best to worst - LJJ207

I'm afraid I can't do that. I tried to view the decade-end and it's only letting me see the top 20, and that's not even on the Billboard site. On Billboard it only let's me see the top 3, and it says I need to sign on to Billboard to see the other 97. - WonkeyDude98

Oh, well in that case I found a link for it: - LJJ207

Challenge accepted. Because I hate myself. - WonkeyDude98

Good one - bobbythebrony

I never thought I'd do this, but...move Blurred Lines to #68. The MEH TIER. Why did I ever think it was about forcing a woman in bed against her will? I did my research, and found out that a lot of the lines I had issues with, in particular, "I know you want it" (as far as the context goes this happens before they get it on, so there must be consent) and "tried to domesticate you but you're an animal" (a guy tries to restrain a girl from any sexual freedom, but Thicke encourages her to not let him). Plus, the groove is still KILLER. I still think Thicke is a smarmy a**hat, the song sounds too similar to itself, and T.I.'s verse is AWFUL, but yeah, overall this has been justified for me,

This means the score ups to 277. Good job, Thicke. You have almost been removed from my list of awful R&B stars. (Give It 2 U is still terrible) - WonkeyDude98

Another thing, this line: "that man is not your maker". It isn't about cheating, it's about how the man doesn't control this girl.

Honestly, this, along with my Worst of 2013 ranking, looks a lot better, in this case, now that TMKN is in the bottom 5, STFB is in the bottom 3, and Love Me is #99. - WonkeyDude98

-Move Girl On Fire to #89 in the SH** TIER (it's still higher than #thatpower because Blurred Lines was moved up). Ugh, that song is so obnoxiously loud and cliché that it's sickening. Also, overproduced percussion over melody. AGAIN.
-Move Bad to the DECENT TIER.
-Move Summertime Sadness to the GOOD TIER.
-Move Clarity to #22 in the GREAT TIER.

Score is the same. - WonkeyDude98

"J Cole is one of the best rappers"

kys - ProPanda

I don't know what's more depressing: the fact that I said that or the fact that you think this horrible post is relevant. - WonkeyDude98

Okay it's not horrible, but it's emblematic of my former laziness. - WonkeyDude98

I don't think it's relevant, I came back to see where Sail was... - ProPanda

Will you ever do the 2014 list? - visitor

He did. - ProPanda

I took a look at the year-end and it was actually way better than I was expecting it to be. I was expecting it to be just as bad as 2015, but there were actually more good than bad songs from the list. I'll have my ranking of this chart up once I get everything sorted out:

Top 10 Best:

10.) Get Lucky
9.) Counting Stars
8.) The A Team
7.) Can't Hold Us
6.) Suit & Tie
5.) Swimming Pools
4.) It's Time
3.) Mama's Broken Heart
2.) Some Nights
1.) Mirrors

Top 10 Worst:

10.) #thatPower
9.) Scream and Shout
8.) Started from the Bottom
7.) Bugatti
6.) Blurred Lines
5.) Pour It Up
4.) Come & Get It
3.) We Can't Stop
2.) Love Me
1.) U.O.E.N.O - visitor

I would've added That's My Kind of Night, Boys 'Round Here, and Cruise if I had enough room. Consider them my honorary #11s. - visitor

10. Little Talks
9. Don't You Worry Child
8. Carry On/Some Nights
7. Fall Out Boy Song With Obnoxious Title
6. Locked Out of Heaven/Treasure
5. Can't Hold Us/Thrift Shop
4. Counting Stars
3. Get Lucky
2. Swimming Pools
1. Demons (Radioactive/It's Time)

15. It Goes Like This
14. We Can't Stop
13. Girl on Fire
12. Scream and Shout
11. #thatPOWER
10. Holy Grail (grown on me a lot...either that or literally everything else got worse)
9. Pour It Up
8. Fing Problems
7. I'm Different
6. Bugatti
5. Come & Get It
4. Cruise/That's My Kinda Night/Boys Round Here
3. Started From The Bottom
2. Love Me
1. U.O.E.N.O. - WonkeyDude98

Dang, our best and worst lists just keep on getting progressively better. As for Holy Grail, I'm guessing the latter considering Come & Get It, the bro country, and Pour It Up are now in your bottom 10. - visitor

There's no way Come And Get It is worse than We Can't Stop and Heart Attack. You're just biased cause the album stunk. - ProPanda

Heart Attack is really good, and We Can't Stop...ok it's terrible, but Come & Get It is worse. - WonkeyDude98

I'd have to give Selena a slight edge over Miley because Selena at least has that tabla in the pre-choruses while the best Miley has is that keyboard that's barely present. - visitor

Heart Attack is legit my least favorite song on this list. But sorry, that comment was a bit... obnoxious and butthurt. - ProPanda