UK 2013 Year End Top 100 Ranked

Puga Yeah, I'm doing these now. I'm doing them based off the UK charts and not Billboard though, so there's the unique spin. So, let's start with 2013, my favourite ever year for music.

100. Let her go - all the amazing songs that were released this year, and we chose this one to be the biggest song of the year. Crumpet munching idiots.
99. Scream and Shout - both and Britney at their worst.
98. Bonfire Heart - a disgrace to Jameses everywhere.
97. Roar - it takes a lot to be Katy Perry's most meaningless song.
96. #thatPower - I think the title speaks for itself.
95. Gentleman - this doesn't sound like music.

94. Hey Porsche - well this is one of the stupidest songs ever made.
93. Everything has Changed - this is Ed Sheeran at his worst, and Taylor Swift doesn't exactly bail him out. An inferior Thinking Out Loud.
92. #beautiful - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
91. Blurred Lines - trash.
90. Dear Darlin' - I thought Olly Murs' whole perspna was being cheeky, no? Why's he making a heartfelt ballad? Emotional singing isn't exactly his strong point.

89. Wild - the verses are terrible, especially Sean Paul's. Whoops, I mean Jay Sean. Wait, no, Big Sean. Also Jessie J can't sing.
88. Play Hard - Akon is sh*t. David Guetta is also. Neyo has nothing to work with. Very annoying song.
87. Another Love - shut up.
86. Holy Grail - wah wah wah. Wah. Wah wah wah wah. Wah.
85. You and Me - this song goes nowhere.
84. Ready or Not - there's a reason Bridgit Mendler is not as famous as Demi or Selena.

BAD TIER (2/5)
83. Soonentanz - way too mild.
82. We Own it - extremely audible yawn.
81. Best Song Ever - plagiarism and the worst song of One Direction's Best Year Ever.
80. Clown - booooo Emeli SandΓ©. Uninteresting and dull performer. Booooooo.
79. I Love It - I don't.
78. Take back the night - a Timberlake song has never bored me this much.
77. The Fox - You're not PSY.
76. Can we Dance - You're not One Direction. At least the trumpet's nice.
75. So Good to Me - a dance song you can't dance to. I think.

74. What About Us - A British band imitates a Jamacian accent to try and impress Sean Paul for 3 minutes.
73. Wake me Up - Does not get me in the mood to dance.
72. Waiting All Night - Does not get me in the mood to dance.
71. I knew you were Trouble - relevant for a goat.

70. When I Was Your Man - Just a slightly better Grenade.
69. Troublemaker - The best Britpop has to offer, ladies and gentlemen.

68. Read All About It - You're still not interesting Emeli, but at least your beat is.
67. My Songs Know what you Did in the Dark - this is the worst titled song on a list with #thatPower on it.
66. Applause - definitely one of Gaga's worst. Miss u @2010 Gaga
65. Ho Hey - fourth biggest song of the year and I remember almost nothing.
64. A Thousand Years - that's one way to downgrade on Jar of Hearts.
63. I Need Your Love - Calvin Harris at his most mediocre.
62. Bang Bang - no, this is not the Jessie J Bang Bang, it's the Bang Bang. I don't remember it either.
61. 22 - I smell a sellout.
60. You Make Me - Avicii, stop putting me to sleep.
59. Explosions - this is choir music.
58. Beneath your Beautiful - thank you for carrying Emma Sandler, Labrinth.
57. Hall of Fame - well, it's better than Roar.
56. Summertime Sadness - it's okay.
55. Why'd you Only Call me When I'm High? - it's okay.
54. Do I wanna Know? - it's okay.
53. Gangnam Style - πŸ‡°πŸ‡·πŸ‡°πŸ‡·πŸ‡°πŸ‡·πŸ‡°πŸ‡·πŸ‡°πŸ‡·
52. Work - much better than Fancy.
51. Diamonds - Rihanna is overworked.
50. This is what it feels like - goid buildup, unsatisying payoff.
49. Still Into You - Paramore.
48. We Can't Stop - fun.
47. Wrecking Ball - not fun.
46. Feel the Love - were Rudimental and Avicci in a mediocre contest this year?
45. What I Might do - a dance song you can dance to.
44. Hold on, we're going home - the calm before the storm.
43. Chocolate - Mediocre, like milk chocolate.
42. Thinking About You - Calvin Harris was decent this year.
41. Impossible - Generic.
40. Heart Attack - Demi Lovato.
39. If You Could See Me Now - it fulfills it's purpose.

38. Locked Out of Heaven - one of Bruno's worst. Pretty good.
37. Burn - probably Ellie Goulding's best song.
36. Titanium - David Geutta at his crossiant munching best. And that's only because of Sia.
35. Love me Again - FIFA 14.
34. One Way or Another - a One Direction song in the top third of a list. And it's not the last.
33. Antenna - perfect feel good music, especially refreshing with the current charts.
32. Skyfall - Adele.
31. Same Love - I miss Macklemore.
30. The Other Side - ha, Jason Derulo's so bad. I love it.
29. Try - not the best Pink has to offer but still really really good.
28. Stay - Rihanna should make more songs like this.
27. Don't you Worry Child - a very satisfying sendoff to a group I can't remember any songs from.
26. La la la - Sam Smith should have never tried to have a solo career.
25. Latch - my point proven.

24. Just Give me a Reason - not fun Pink songs can be good too. Taking notes, Just Like Fire?
23. Don't Stop the Party - let me lick your bald head clean you sexy man.
22. Feel This Moment - Emoji Movie FC.
21. Royals - how this squeezed into 100 when it only became a hit in the second half of the next year is beyond me, but I'm glad it did.
20. I Will Wait - really good.
19. Drinking From the Bottle - whoever the US's equivalent to Tinie Tempah is, they're not as good.
18. Mirrors - I don't know why this is so good.
17 - Need U 100% - mmm mm mm mmmmmmm
16. Radioactive - listening to how good this is just makes Thunder even worse.
15. It's Time - ^^^^

14. I Could be the One - more of this please, Avicii.
13. Army of Two - Olly Murs' best song by a country mile. Sad that this barely made the list while Dear Darlin was parked calmly in the top 20.
12. Bassline Junkie - Dizzee Rascal is f*cking hilarious.
11. Kiss You - I'm sorry.
10. Little Talks - powerful, catchy and memorable. Even though no one knows the name of the song.
9. Thrift Shop - I really miss Macklemore.
8. White Noise - dance music that you can actually dance to. But no, let's listen to Avicii and Rudimental instead.
7. Talk Dirty - I'm really sorry.
6. Get Lucky - proud to listen to a chart where this was the biggest Pharrell song of the year.
5. Counting Stars - bake that bunny
4. Treasure - the best retro themed song Bruno has ever made. Yes, I'm serious.
3. Suit and Tie - this was absolutely perfect. Classiest song I've ever listened to, I'm pretty sure. Perfect for the prince of pop's comeback.
2 - Can't Hold Us - I don't think you understand how much I miss Macklemore send help
1 - Pompeii - AY AY O AY O AY AY O AY O

So, that's a resounding 327/500, or 65%. Is that good? Bad? I don't know ffs this is my first time doing this. Next one will probably be 2015. Ya boy out.


65% is pretty damn good for one of these.

Good ranking, actually. - DCfnaf

You are very good at this. - ProPanda

At least it's better than 2014. - visitor

The UK should really be grateful that they don't have a hit like Love Me or U.O.E.N.O. - visitor

Yeah, UK only gets mainstream rap (at least up till 2017) and virtually no country songs either. It's just pop and grime - Puga

Woah these things get HQ? Hello stat padding - Puga

Good job you hate anime my friend - visitor