Top Ten Best Hit Songs Of 2013

hiphopgod What's good boys? It's black Santa back at it again, ranking the ten best songs of 2013. Same rules, as last time, only I get to be positive about it.

10. Thrift Shop - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Wanz
Well, starting well aren't we? The number one song of the year is only number ten. Well, don't let that make it seem worse in your eyes, because it's still great. The whole turn on the basic rap idea of materialism is funny af and the fact that people take this seriously and get pissed at Mack is dumb. It's a parody about rapping how you get cheap clothes from the thrift store, lighten up. I love this song, it's like Bart Baker if his parodies were good (I actually don't mind his old stuff but these new parodies don't make any sense)

9. Radioactive - Imagine Dragons
I like Imagine Dragons. Is this song as good as Warriors? No. Is it as good as On Top Of The World? Getting closer. Is it as good as Demons? I'm gonna get hate for this one, but this is better than Demons lol. The issue I had with Demons is that I couldn't feel the vibe for it. I understand the meaning and all that, but what's a song with good meaning if you just can't feel the vibe of it. This song is way better at this though. Making me feel the vibe of the beat with the vocals sending me chills. And so, will Imagine Dragons ever top Warriors? Prolly not, but if they say they haven't gotten close, make them remember this.

8. Locked Out Of Heaven - Bruno Mars
If you ask me, this is when Bruno got good. When he stopped being himself and did enough throwbacks to just make that who he is. This is easily one of his best works, giving of that vibe that only the 70's and 80's could give you. Once again, making me feel the vibe is an easy way to get your song on this list. Here it makes me feel like Bruno's really in love with whoever he's talking to. Yah, it was overplayed as hell, but it was still a good song.

7. The A-Team - Ed Sheeran
NANI?!?! AN ED SHEERAN SONG I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED AND WOULD LOVE TO GO BACK TO? Well yeah, I mean he's had multiple songs like that such as Don't, Sing, Castle On The Hill. But this takes the cake if you ask me. It felt like it came from the heart and that's all I can really ask of Ed at this point. This is probably still my favorite Sheeran song, but it goes back and forth with Sing.

6. Suit and Tie - Justin Timberlake feat. Jay-Z
When JT came back, errybody except me was excited. Why wasn't I? Because he ain't a big rapper. However, Jay-Z, who is a big rapper, was on this song. This song is awesome. Whether it be Justin Timberlake being Justin Timberlake, or Jay-Z being awesome, this is a great song. This might actually be my favorite JT song.

5. Treasure - Bruno Mars
You see what I was talking about? Bruno did another throwback after Locked Out Of Heaven and it worked very well. Treasure became the best hit of his career at the time (and technically might be because Uptown Funk is Mark Ronson's song) and it was really good and stuff. The main thing I love about this song is the beat. It sounds so upbeat and funky, and makes me groove in my seat just thinking about it. It compliments Bruno's vocals very well, and it always makes me feel happy when I hear it.

4. Can't Hold Us - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Ray Dalton
If you ask me, this is much superior to Thrift Shop. Ryan Lewis' production is amazing, with the base of the piano keys sounding fluid. Macklemore is a really good rapper, who can make the pretty much anything sound great and make it work. (he made a song about getting clothes from the thrift store the biggest hit of the year) The chorus is prolly my favorite part, it just pumps me up so much. It really amazes me how good of a year Macklemore and Ryan Lewis had.

3. Wake Me Up - Avicii
R.I.P Avicii, just wanted to start out saying that. This song is amazing. Whether it be the chorus, the production, or the lyrics, it's all amazing. Avicii really put every last ounce of ability he had into this song. You can feel the chorus when it says "wake me up when it's all over," and the drop gives me chills. He is a legend of a producer, and we will surely not forget him anytime soon.

2. Swimming Pools (Drank) - Kendrick Lamar
While Sing About Me, I'm Dying Of Thirst may be my favorite song, this was the song that introduced me to Kendrick. The first thing I noticed is the beat. It felt strange, because it felt weirdly like a swimming pool. It felt watery, dreary, but also enjoyable and could be a good time. I ain't never met a person who didn't say drank after I said po'up. The message is against alcoholism, which I respect since I know many people who've been affected by alcoholism. Kendrick's flow fits around the beat perfectly, and I can't really compliment this song enough, which makes it even more shocking that there was a song that beat it.

Before I tell you what I thought was the best, let's run through some honorable mentions
Royals - Lorde: While I do respect this song, the arrogance of it makes me feel like it shouldn't be in the top ten.
My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark - Fall Out Boy: Jeez, was this one of the few rock songs to pick from? Guys, I think we killed rock music.
Harlem Shake - Baauer: The memes were too good not to acknowledge
Mirrors - Justin Timberlake: I also respect this song, the vocals are a little too whiney for my taste.
Started From The Bottom - Drake: I feel this song is so strange, that it has to be an honorable mention for both the best and worst lists.
I'm only limiting myself to five honorable mentions, so let's get to the number one.

And with all that aside, the best hit song of 2013 iiiiiiis

1. Get Lucky - Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams
Oh damn, I'm just a sucker for Daft Punk. While Swimming Pools may have had the better meaning, this song just carries a special vibe with it that I've yet to find with another artist. If Treasure made me dance in my seat, Get Lucky made me full on break it down until my chair snaps. I feel lucky that we even have a song like this. Pharrell is amazing, but that's not a very big surprise. When he sings he has this certain swagger to him that's unique to him. The combination of Daft Punk's funky style and Pharrell's swagger makes a number one worthy song, unfortunately it never did hit number one, but that shouldn't make it any worse.

So, those are my best songs of the year, what are yours? Of course it shouldn't be said that this is my opinion, so I don't want to see any "well actually you forgot (insertrandomsongfrom2013thatwasntonthelisthere)" comments.


Great post! And, I think my top ten would be:
1. Locked Out of Heaven - Bruno Mars
2. Love Somebody - Maroon 5
3. Treasure - Bruno Mars
4. The A Team - Ed Sheeran
5. Lego House - Ed Sheeran
6. Just Give Me a Reason - P! nk
7. Dark Horse - Katy Perry
8. Can't Hold Us - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
9. Thrift Shop - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
10. Hall Of Fame - The Script - TheFourthWorld