Best Songs From 21st Century Breakdown

The top ten best songs from Green Day's 21st Century Breakdown.

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1 21 Guns

Anyone who thinks this song is overrated should actually think about what they just said. This song is ridiculously good, has some of Billie's best vocal work. It's my favourite song on the album but if 21st Century Breakdown or East Jesus Nowhere is top spot that's fine by me. This song is easily top 3

A masterpiece. Easily the best song on 21st Century Breakdown, and better than many of Green Day's other songs. Shows that they can still be a force to be reckoned with.

Best song since boulevard of broken dreams

Amazing music and song

2 21st Century Breakdown

This is that song that sums up the whole album even though it is the second track of the album. Kind of like Jesus of Suburbia. Both are awesome songs.

This is by far my favorite song on this album. The lyrics are awesome; I don't understand why this isn't at least in the top three. - treyanthonyyeah

Love the song, it's my favorite song

This and East Jesus Nowhere are the only songs on the album I genuinely love.

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3 East Jesus Nowhere

The adrenaline in this song is addictive. This song is definitively the best song on this album.

This song is WAY better than "21 Guns". "21 Guns" is just another ballad that got popular because it was a SINGLE.

A fire burns today, of blasphemy and genocide, the silence of decay, will infiltrate the faith fanatics.

I feel that the top 3 on this list are all great songs, and they all deserve to be where they are, but this is the best of them.

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4 Horseshoes and Handgrenades

The military march type of sound at the beginning is awesome. Not my favorite on the album but is definitely up there.

I'm in love with this album... Horseshoes and handgrenades is my one of my favorite.. But they rarely plat it... I wish they would ever come to india..

Though it is inspired from 'main offender -the hives' but its awesome.

This should be number one, so it swares, still a masterpiece

5 American Eulogy: Mass Hysteria / Modern World

This is most definitely not my favorite. But it is very catchy at moments and fits 3 songs into a good length. They brought back they tune of Song of the Century which was cool. Man I gave it a review not an opinion

Amazing, Jesus of Suburbia-like transitions and was a very daring idea. Mike Dirnt on modern world is by far his greatest singing on any track and this song just makes you want to riot

Best song on the album! Mike's voice is just so amazing!


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6 Know Your Enemy

This is an awesome lyrical song off of this album...1. Know Your Enemy 2. East Jesus Nowhere 3. Horseshoes and Handgrenades 4. The Static Age 5. 21st Century top 5 off of this album.

This is clearly the best song on the whole album. 21st century Breakdown for the win

This song is so heart pumping. It is completely amazing!

This should be #3

7 Viva la Gloria!

This is a completely underrated song. It is no doubt the best song of the album that doesn't get the good reviews and credibility as it should get. Also, why the heck is Know Your Enemy 4th, that song deserves to be 8th here instead of this remarkable song.

This song is amazing!

8 Restless Heart Syndrome

The only song on the album, along with 21 Guns, I'd really like to call a masterpiece. Much better than most of the other songs. - BeeBlue

Underrated and great. It gets me every time when he says "Know your enemy" and the whole song becomes an enraged meltdown. This is a truly amazing song. - DarthPhasey

Beautiful, bittersweet and powerful. One of their all time best

Much better than Know Your Enemy (why so high? )

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9 Murder City

Really sounds like an old school Green Day punkish kind of song. Billie Joe has also said this was his favorite on the album because the album was nothing like their previous work because of huge amounts of piano of this album. This song goes back to the basic rocking Green Day songs and is the strongest most memorable song here

I like this song with before the lobotomy I love the whole album

10 Last Night on Earth

This song is so good! I requested it at my prom but they didn't play it :(

This is so good. (I'm listening to it as I write) It's a beautiful homage to the beatles. An amazing song to break up the intensity of the album up until this point.

Incredibly beautiful

My favourite from 21CB. It even trumps my old favourite (now second favourite), American Eulogy.

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11 Before the Lobotomy

One of the best songs of the past 10 years

It scares me that this song wasnt in the top 5. By far my favorite song on this album. Lyrics with a deep meaning that can make you rethink your life. Shame on the people who don't like this somg. I love every song on this album but 21 guns is far from the best.

I like this one

By far the best song off this album. if you haven't listened to all of it you haven't lived

12 The Static Age

One of the best songs by Green Day and they perform it live... Better than east jesus nowhere and should be on no.2

Definitely an underrated song, this should be higher up

I LOVE this song so much!

13 Viva la Gloria? (Little Girl)

Great song better then the other viva la gloria

The most underrated from the album, haunting vocals, amazing guitar work and a piano riff that sounds like something from an old fashion horror movie. - Tristan1975R5

This song is a masterpiece. Super underrated and way better than the other Viva La Gloria. The way it is played almost makes it a little intimidating.

This is top 5 Green Day song for me, how could it be this low on the list huh

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14 Peacemaker

Love the Spanish vibes this song gives me. It's definitely different for Green Day and I love that they take chances like these. If only they'd just play it live.

Why is this song way down here? This song has an incredible guitar rifd and the whole song is incredible!

This song is too underrated and it should get so much more recognition

This should is #5

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15 Last of the American Girls

Why is this so low? I figure at least top 5 with this song!

This should definitely be in the top 5. I love the guitar in the corus in this song. It sounds so familiar, but I can't put my finger on it. This is an underrated song in my opinion

Must be top 5

Okay, I know its not the best song off the album. That's 21st Century Breakdown for me. (Actually, that's only because of the ending. 21 Guns up there with Viva la Gloria, East Jesus Nowhere, Static Age, etc.) But I gave Last of the American Girls my vote because A) single. All their singles are good. B) it's pretty much Know Your Enemy with good lyrics. C) I've been listening to this song on repeat for the last couple of weeks. In a Last of the American Girls phase at the moment.
is that even a thing? I dunno

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16 See the Light

One of the most underrated songs of the album. It's just incredible! Great guitar, drums, and the piano riff at the end gives me goosebumps.

I really don't understand how such a brilliant song has been voted way down here... Definitely better than Christian's inferno, last of the aAmerican girls and last night on earth in my opinion!

17 Song of the Century

We all know the moment when you put on the album for the first time, and you hear the static. Then, Billie Joe's clear and flowing voice starts the ballad sounding track. It may not be the best track but it is the best song to introduce you to the album. - gavinscousin

18 Christian's Inferno

Don't listen to these other people. This song has one of the most kickin choruses ever. Woahh Christians inferno!

Absolutely awful. Possibly the worst Green Day song ever made.

19 Gucci Gang - Lil' Pump
20 Lights Out

Lights Out, while not making the final cut, is still an awesome song.

My favorite song from 21st Century Breakdown, togheter with Horseshoes and Handgrenades and murder City

21 Hearts Collide

Awesome song! Really catchy. It didn't quite make the final cut for 21CB but it was on the Know Your Enemy EP.

22 Like a Rolling Stone

This is the best song on 21st century breakdown by green day

Don't know why it's so low easily the best Green Day song

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