Best Songs From 30 Seconds to Mars' 30 Seconds to Mars

Vote for your favourite songs from the debut Progressive/Alternative Metal album from 30 Seconds To Mars.

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1 Edge of the Earth

Not only the best song on the album and 30 Seconds To Mars' but it's easily the greatest song of all time. There is no other song that makes you feel as powerful as this. This is basically the Jesus Christ of all songs.

The best song on the album for sure! They are a lot of masterpieces in this album but this is the best!

2 Capricorn (A Brand New Name)

Oh, I love this song! Great song of great band! In my opinion, it is wonderful, not only in the album "30 Seconds to Mars", but in the entire discography of the group (: Amazing and breathtaking melody! Damn, what a great band! (: I admire their creativity and by how closely they are connected with their fans! Wonderful

Good song but always stays in your head after listening to it!

3 Welcome to the Universe

Having said that this comes a close 2nd because this also makes you feel powerful. It's as if you own the entire Universe when you listen to this masterpiece.

4 Oblivion

I'm surprised only number 9, personally this is my favorite.

If this was more popular and known than EOTE and capricorn, it would definitely be number one. - 10Jackson

5 End of the Beginning
6 Buddha For Mary
7 93 Million Miles
8 Fallen
9 Echelon
10 Year Zero

This song is extremely underrated, it's currently sitting at number 30 in the "Best 30 Seconds Songs" list. Stupid new fans.

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11 The Mission
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